Monthly Archives: May 2006

Our Gang ships

Blog entry by Jeff

On May 24, Our Gang shipped to comic shops and bookstores.  It is handsomely designed by Jacob Covey and published by Fantagraphics.  It reprints in color some of the first comics work by my hero Walt Kelly from the golden age of comics.  It is the first of six, and the cover features my first professional attempt at caricature – - it ain’t easy to draw Spanky, let me tell you! 

The only way out

Steve is coloring BONE Vol. 5:  Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border. This image is from the page he worked on yesterday.  I really liked it, so here it is

Kana’s Island

This is a comic that arrived in the mail recently, and the cover artwork caught my eye.  Written and drawn by Mark Page, Kana’s Island is an Alice in Wonderland type of story that has some beautiful pacing and layout.  An unabashed children’s book with some potentially interesting characters.  The indicia says 2003, but this is the first I’ve seen it.  Here’s Mark’s web page.  

Terry interviewed in new TCJ

Eight issues from the end of his magnificent opus Strangers in Paradise, Terry Moore is interviewed in this month’s The Comics Journal.    Go read a clip!  Then go buy the complete Strangers in Pocket Book format.  The single most emotionally involving comic being produced today or at any time in the last ten years.  You don’t believe me?  Just go read it!