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A Coruna, Spain, part 2

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Finally sorted out the technical difficulties that have slowed done my blogging.  Sorry about that…back to Spain! The Vinetas desde O Atantico Festival kicked into high gear on the weekend. There are many outdoor exhibits and booths. Waiting to greet me on the mall was my old pal Tintin.

When I arrive at my signing there is a good crowd waiting.

In this picture you can see the young woman standing next to me behind the table. That's Elena, one of the translators who helped me tremendously at both of my signings not only with speaking to people, but name spelling and even crowd control. Thanks, Elena! 

This guy brought all the old b & w Cartoon Books volumes. I used to see that all the time, but it's rare now with the color versions and  One Volume edition.

Afterward, I sat down for a little interview with Alvaro Pons, who I met on my earlier swing through Spain. Alvaro runs the most read comics blog website in Spain, La Carcel de Papel.

Vijaya and I met Mark Buckingham and his wife Irma in the lobby. Mark, of course, is the artist of Hellblazer and Fables, and he lives nearby here in Spain. 

We had dinner with the Mayor, and it was a big deal, with people buzzing around and having us go here and there, getting our pictures taken. The Mayor,with the blue tie, gave a nice speech about the tenth anniversary of the festival. He was especially immpressed that Yoshihiro Tatsumi was there – -a contingent from Japan. Even the Mayor of A Coruna has heard of manga! 

Our host, Miguelanxo Prado, head of the Festival responded with his own remarks. After which, the food was served!

At diner I sat next to Carlos Portela, co-organizer of the festival. He has also written several comics, the newest one is called A Contra Atras with artist Sergi San Julian.

The next morning's paper had a two page spread dedicated to the show.  

And of course we had seafood and tapas galore. This dish was a highlight: navajas, or knife clams straight out of the sea, served with butter and garlic. I've traveled quite a bit, and you can believe me when I say the seafood here is as fresh as any I've ever had. 

However, this is the dish that I couldn't get enough of. Fried peppers covered in sea salt.  Unbelievable. Juicy, hot and spicy. I ordered this appetizer at every possible opportunity.

On my way in to my official panel, Laureano and I stop to stand with Torpedo, the character originated by by Alex Toth. 

The panel was a lively question & answer session, and the crowd asked great questions. My old friend Diego (in the orange shirt, and also in a better photo here.) was doing the translating, and he did an amazing job.  I would forget to keep my answers clipped, but he didn't miss a beat, even waving his arms and doing funny voices whenever I did.  I first met Diego about seven years ago when I was a guest of another comics festival in Spain. Muchas gracias, mi amigo! 

I can't reccomend this festival enough. If you are a comics professional and you enjoy travel, other cultures, good food, wine & company – - and  an appreciative public – - this is one of the best. If  Vinetas desde O Atantico invites you over, do it. I'm sure Tim Sale, Mark Buckingham, Jean-Louis Tripp, and Yoshihiro Tatsumi and all the other guests would tell you the same.

Well, I can't believe it, but my year long world tour comes to an end next month at The Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. The schedule for the event has been posted by Heidi MacDonald over on The Beat. Heidi herself will be moderating my spotlight panel – - I'm really looking forward to that. It'll be fun to get back to my old stomping grounds, especially now that I'm working on RASL, my first indie book in three years. Hope to see you there.

Hey, New York Times…!

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

I received some astonishing sales figures from Scholastic – - the paperback edition of BONE 6: Old Man’s Cave, which just shipped last month, is in its third printing for a total of 260,000 copies! The combined hard cover & paperback sales for the series to date:  nearly 2,000,000.

Maybe it's not Harry Potter, but still!

Happy Halloween!

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Halloween is my favorite holiday – - monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches – - and costumes with BIG HEADS!! The photo above was sent in by Todd Fadel who says:

My 7-year-old son, Zion, wanted to be Fone Bone for halloween this year, and we made it happen. Here he is holding his plush Fone Bone right after we finishedthe costume.

The second picture was sent in by Cris, who writes:

Hello! My name is Cris. I am an artist and a stay at home mom.This year, my 4 year old daughter wanted to be a rat creature for Halloween.So I got to work and just finished it. I thought you might like to see the
results. Enjoy!

Wow! We did enjoy. Thanks, Cris. 

If you have any photos of Bone costumes, please send them in! We'll post them! 

Comics! Kazu Kibuishi Announces FLIGHT EXPLORER

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Some of my favorite cartoonists these days are coming out of the Flight anthology crew, and now Kazu Kibuishi has just announced a “kid’s” version of the book called FLIGHT EXPLORER. You can read an interview with Kazu about it at Newsarama. One of the cartoonists picked for the launch was our own Steve Hamaker, who will contribute one of his Fish 'n' Chips comics.  Yesterday, on the private Flight forums, I saw Kazu’s first rough sketch for the EXPLORER cover, and it was hot. It was exactly the kind of cover that would have lured me in as a kid promising mystery, adventure and lots of characters. Meanwhile, Flight 4 is coming out July 10 from Villard.


The first two volumes were published by Image. Now Villard is republishing them. This is fairly old news, but Kazu redid the art for the first book’s cover and it looks beautiful. Here's another interview at Newsarama from about a month ago about F4. Below are the wrap around covers for FLIGHT 4 and the new FLIGHT 1. 

FLIGHT 1 is now available!  For more info on Flight, visit their webpage.


Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

The image above is the cover for a 6 page preview comic I'm working on for the San Diego Comic-Con International. It's also going to be the cover of RASL no.1 when the series starts coming out from Cartoon Books in 2008. 

World Tour; New York City! part one

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

This was a big show – - bigger than I was expecting, anyway. The Javits Center is an emormous convention hall, two or three cold, windy blocks from Mid-town Manhattan where many of the show’s guests were put up. This is from inside the atrium.

Directly across the street from the center was a cart that made great $2 dollar dogs – - which more than made up for the cold walk – -at least for me. The bun was fresh and a little toasty, the grilled onions were delicious. If you’ve read Shazam! MSoE #1, you can guess that I love hot dogs from a cart (I prefer the onions in the spicy red sauce, but these were a good substitute).

This is what our booth looked like all clean as we set up for the show.  It was the last time we saw it like that!

Tom Sniegoski, who wrote Stupid, Stupid Rat-Tails with me, happened by just in time to sign some copies! 

I had a couple of signings on Friday, the first at my own Cartoon Books booth, and a second one that evening at the DC booth.

Both signings were crowded, and I think everyone at DC was surprised by the amount of kids that showed up. This last kid was DC Senior VP and Executive Editor, Dan Didio.

I also had a Spotlight panel Friday afternoon where I read from ten pages of MSoE#2 seen for the first time in public, and when I turned to the page where Mr. Mind makes his big entrance, everyone gasped, and the kids in the audience shouted out “Holy Moley!” A brief description of the panel can be read if you can link to Arthur Trebbel's report for

The floor was only open to the public for 4 hours, and I've already signed hundreds of books! 


We ended the evening by having dinner with our editor from Scholastic, Mr. David Saylor, seen here having a martini with Vijaya. A good time was had by all. 

And incase you haven’t figured it out yet, Shazam! MSoE#2 does not ship today – - but rather on March 7th.  Apparently both dates were published, but the real one is the 7th. Apologies for the confusion.

July is almost here…

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

…and I can't wait! The new color Bone from Scholastic ships next week, and  SHAZAM! The Monster Society of Evil #4 July 18.  The Art Of Bone from Dark Horse is coming out, and the 13" Bone plush toy will premiere at the Comic-Con International July 25 in San Diego!

Stop back tomorrow, Friday June 29 – - I'll announce the title of my next comics project, and post a picture of the cover.

Until then, enjoy these panels from the new Bone 6: Old Man's Cave! 

San Diego Comic-Con 2007 (part 1), Wednesday Preview Night & Thursday

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

First cartoonist I ran into on the convention floor was Sonny Liew, one of the Flight artists, and artist of Wonderland from SLG. Sonny lives in Singapore, so running into him was a treat.

I wasn't in the hall on Preview night (my first signing was Friday morning), but it looks like RASL did very well. This might be a good year for Sci-Fi. Here is what  Publishers Weekly said:

"Two of the biggest stories of Preview Night were the announcement that Roaring Brook's First Second imprint will publish a graphic novel collection of Paul Pope's cult sci-fi series THB; and Bone creator Jeff Smith will self-publish a new series called Rasl, a stark, sci-fi series about a dimension-jumping art thief with personal problems. The series will start as a b&w periodical next year, published in an oversized edition and sold initially through comics shops before it's collected at a smaller trade book trim-size in full color. "I'm trying to mix the old comic book market with the new book market," said Smith."

A dimension-jumping art thief with personal problems. I'm going to use that!

For more RASL coverage, you can check out Heidi's blog at The Beat, read an interview I did with News-a-rama, or  ponder Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter list of Day One Observations – always worth reading!

On Thursday, I signed once at Cartoon Books booth (#2207) and then at Dark Horse.  

The stuffed Fone Bone finds some friends… 

For more signing & panel times, click here.  

Fone Bone Guest Stars on CBS Show NUMB3RS

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Last Friday's episode of NUMB3RS featured a story-line about a comic book forgery that happens during a convention.  Some people from the show's production asked us to donate props for their set dressing, and it seems they chose our Fone Bone plush as a featured prop in one scene!

Thankfully the show is actually pretty good!  It has a flavor of so many CSI or Law & Order shows, but the cast is very strong.  David Krumholtz (Mr. Universe from Serenity), Peter MacNicol (Ghostbusters II and Ally McBeal), and Judd Hirsch (Taxi) are a few of the actors who make the show worth giving a try.

 You can watch the episode online over at .  The episode title is "Graphic".

San Diego Comic-Con International 2007

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

It's that time again. And even after 15 years, I still look forward to it. We have so much material this time out: The Art of Bone; the new BONE 6: Old Man's Cave (whole sets of the hard covers so far); Shazam! Monster Society #1-4; the 13" BONE plush toy; and the limited Edition 6 page RASL preview. 

Click here for my signing and panel schedule.

Cartoon Books is booth # 2207, please stop by and see us.