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Comics! Kazu Kibuishi Announces FLIGHT EXPLORER

Blog entry by Jeff

Some of my favorite cartoonists these days are coming out of the Flight anthology crew, and now Kazu Kibuishi has just announced a “kid’s” version of the book called FLIGHT EXPLORER. You can read an interview with Kazu about it at Newsarama. One of the cartoonists picked for the launch was our own Steve Hamaker, who will contribute one of his Fish 'n' Chips comics.  Yesterday, on the private Flight forums, I saw Kazu’s first rough sketch for the EXPLORER cover, and it was hot. It was exactly the kind of cover that would have lured me in as a kid promising mystery, adventure and lots of characters. Meanwhile, Flight 4 is coming out July 10 from Villard.


The first two volumes were published by Image. Now Villard is republishing them. This is fairly old news, but Kazu redid the art for the first book’s cover and it looks beautiful. Here's another interview at Newsarama from about a month ago about F4. Below are the wrap around covers for FLIGHT 4 and the new FLIGHT 1. 

FLIGHT 1 is now available!  For more info on Flight, visit their webpage.

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #3 goes on sale May 2!

Blog entry by Jeff

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #3 will be in comic book stores May 2.  There is a preview of the first six pages on Newsarama. 

Behind the scenes, I found a couple of interesting sales charts that aren’t usually seen by the public; they come from a newsletter called Diamond Dialog that Diamond Comic Distributors sends out. These reorder numbers are not counted in the initial sales charts where comics are ranked. These charts represent new sales once store owners actually have the book in their shop. They look good!

Re-orders: Normally comic shops have to place their orders on a comic like Shazam! MSoE #1 sight unseen. Sometimes a store may not order enough and find they need to reorder more copies. I never had an issue of Bone place in the top tier of reorders, much less the top 3!

Advanced re-orders: Based on the strong reaction to #1, retailers upped their orders for #2 before it even shipped!

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*You'll need your Secret De-Coder to read the secret message from the Monster Society and find the Monster Egg!

Fone Bone and Thorn; perspectives

Blog entry by Jeff

Here's a little fun reading for you. It's a link to a thoughtful blog called The Sci-Fi Catholic.  D.G.D. Davidson is writing a three part essay called The Vivsection of Bone, Part One: Romancing the Bone, about the romantic relationship between Fone Bone and Thorn. It's filled with references to literature, mythology and Arthurian legends. The analogy to Tristan and Isolde is especially interesting. 

Another sharp site that discusses comics, sci fi and fantasy from a particular perpsective is FemiNerds. Their mission statement reads: "Two women who feel the need to share their views on feminism and science fiction, fantasy and horror with the world. Because we can."

The FemiNerds have posted their list of the Top 12 Graphic Novels they recommend to their readers. You can also download their very first podcast.  It's a point of view we don't have enough of in comics.

The Great Red Dragon and Kurt Cobain

Blog entry by Jeff

This picture of The Red Dragon and Kurt Cobain came from a website called Two-Timing My Scrapbook. It's one of the New York blogger's favorite images. Why? I have no idea… but I like the photo.

Meanwhile, I haven’t had much time to update the blog. I’ve been dealing with some rough deadlines for Bone 7: Ghost Circles (Scholastic), The Art of Bone (Dark Horse), The Complete Pogo (Fantagraphics), and of course, Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #4 (DC).  All of these will show up in production journals soon (we have some new Monsters Eggs that we'll sprinkle about in the coming weeks!), but for now, let me point you to  Blake Bell’s Great Bone Re-Read. Today is the seventh entry, and he has just finished reading the first Bone trilogy.


Here’s a short excerpt:

“[the end of this] chapter ushers in a connection between the hooded menace and the bartender, Lucius. Meanwhile, Phoney Bone gets a leg up on his attempts to win his double-or-nuthin' bar bet, and Jeff closes Book Three with Gran'ma Ben pulling the troops outta the barn and heading off for safer ground. Jeff does a great job pacing the final chapter to leave you with the impression that nothing will be the same again, and that the series is about to explode. So, we're off for your Bone lovers til next Wednesday for the round-up of Book 4. See you then!”  

With that one sentence about nothing being the same again, I feel sure that whether or not he ends up liking the story, Blake definitely gets it. Here are the previous entries:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, and Part Six. Bell also talks about a lot of other very cool and interesting things on his site. Check it out!