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Bone volume 6: Old Man’s Cave ships end of June

Blog entry by Jeff

The sixth full color volume of Bone, Old Man's Cave, will ship from Scholastic June 29. The new cover, colored by Steve Hamaker, features Gran'ma and the Bone cousins standing before a gitchy blood moon!  Some stores will take a week or so to get the books out on the shelves, so check your bookstore the first week of July.

Shazam! MSoE #3 on sale Wednesday!

Blog entry by Jeff

Issue #3 of The Monster Society of Evil will be in stores Wednesday, May 2. 
Here’s what The Onion A.V. Club has to say about the first two issues:

“In figuring out how to update Captain Marvel without losing his retro charm, no one has an edge on Jeff Smith, whose miniseries Shazam!: The Monster Society Of Evil (DC) features all the talking alligators and put-upon wizards that made the original Captain Marvel stories such a kick, while still reading like something produced in 2007. Bringing the same thick lines and animated expression that he brought to his own Bone series, Smith recasts the Captain Marvel origin story in a kid-friendly sci-fi/fantasy vein, making boy hero Billy Batson into an urchin on the verge of becoming another Harry Potter. Slick, bright, emotional and witty, The Monster Society Of Evil is everything superhero comics should be… GRADE A


Only one of these US Attorney Generals is a comic book super-villain – - can you guess which one?


Here are some hints: US Attorney General Gonzales must go (The Seattle Times), Gonzales Defends Domestic Spying (CBS News), Gonzales torture memo controversy builds (USA Today),and Gonzales: ‘There Is No Express Grant of Habeas Corpus In The Constitution’ (Think Progress).

And people said Dr. Sivana as Attorney General was out of character!

Below is a sneak peek at the full cover, which continues to add to the back cover puzzle.

Gl hvv nv rmp Yroob, xorxp gsv krxgfiv zylev!*

*You'll need your Secret De-Coder to read the secret message from the Monster Society and find the Monster Egg!

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