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Blog entry by Jeff

The image above is the cover for a 6 page preview comic I'm working on for the San Diego Comic-Con International. It's also going to be the cover of RASL no.1 when the series starts coming out from Cartoon Books in 2008. 

July is almost here…

Blog entry by Jeff

…and I can't wait! The new color Bone from Scholastic ships next week, and  SHAZAM! The Monster Society of Evil #4 July 18.  The Art Of Bone from Dark Horse is coming out, and the 13" Bone plush toy will premiere at the Comic-Con International July 25 in San Diego!

Stop back tomorrow, Friday June 29 – - I'll announce the title of my next comics project, and post a picture of the cover.

Until then, enjoy these panels from the new Bone 6: Old Man's Cave! 

Shazam production journal: The final pass

Blog entry by Jeff

Steve and I are finishing up the final color pass on Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #4. This last issue kicked our butts pretty good, but by next week, everything will be in DC's hands and we can get Cartoon Books back to normal – - not that you can ever call making comic books normal. New production journals should start in week or so, until then, here are some Shazam MSoE links:

Monster Society of Evil #3 review at Film Fodder 

- – "Jeff Smith continues to infuse the book with the air of mystery, humor and eye-popping awe that one would hope to find in a book about a kid who can turn into The World's Most Powerful Mortal. The writing certainly skews towards an "all-ages" audience, but like any story about kids with surprising power (from Shazam! to Harry Potter), there's still quite a bit for the adult audience to enjoy, especially Smith's portrayal of a sleazy Dr. Sivana as a cretinous bureaucrat in the game for his own financial gain…"

Raleigh News & Observer review

- - "Jeff Smith, creator of the cult hit "Bone," is close to completing the four part mini-series: "Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil." The final issue will be out in July, so catch up on the first three now. Smith dials down the complexities of the D.C. universe and just pays attention to Captain Marvel and his alter ego Billy Batson and the origins of the character, lost to the winds of the 1940s and years of civil litigation. Smith draws and writes the series with a whimsy that recalls the Bone books. Not gratuitously violent or profane, "The Monster Society" plays up nobility and strength of character. It does take a few potshots at homeland security hysteria. All told, reading this book is like chugging a glass of whole milk; it could be that good for you."

Got Shazam?

These are from the comments section:

"I really, really miss the letters column in comics. It’s very hard to express one’s opinion (positive or negative) about comics these days. Apart from spending that all-mighty dollar, of course. Anyway, I’d like to remark that Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil is one of the greatest pieces of literature I’ve picked up in a good year now and I will probably feel a similar sense of loss (like that of a good friend) when it ends that I did at the last page of Bone. In short, keep up the good work."

Comment by devon — May 21, 2007

"Just wanted to say I am not a very big fan of DC, although I picked up Shazam because the art looked very nice, and I just wanted to say that you’ve made one of the most adorable comics I have ever read, with lovely endearing characters. I hope that that’s a compliment :) "

Comment by Charlotte — May 28, 2007

 It is a compliment. Thanks!

And here is a link to a podcast that I posted earlier, but in case you missed it, this one is a lot of fun. It's an hour long talk about Shazam and Bone with a Canadian College radio station. Warning: I talk a lot, and there is a little bit of swearing. But there's some good tunes by Dylan, Little Richard, and Tom Waits:  

Next time you hear from me, I'll be working on the San Diego preview of my next project!