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Hey, New York Times…!

Blog entry by Jeff

I received some astonishing sales figures from Scholastic – - the paperback edition of BONE 6: Old Man’s Cave, which just shipped last month, is in its third printing for a total of 260,000 copies! The combined hard cover & paperback sales for the series to date:  nearly 2,000,000.

Maybe it's not Harry Potter, but still!

Coloring the Steve Hamaker way

Blog entry by Jeff

A bunch of Steve's buddies have talked him into making a How To video about coloring. You have to see the animated opening put together by Flight artist Bannister. The first video Steve made about coloring on the Cintiq (for a Shazam Monster Egg) has been viewed over 28,000 times! The YouTube video is here, but you should check out Steve's blog where he has posted a few of his on-line strips called Still Dead about zombies in the work place (this is a snippet of one of them).  

World Tour Spain

Blog entry by Jeff

Just got back from a week in Spain,where there is a huge festival there in the seaside city of A Coruna. Vijaya and I were treated fantasically, and given a tour of the Cathedral in nearby Santiago. I'm still recovering from the time difference (and the late night gatherings), but I will get a photo journal together in a couple of days. Until then, here is a link to a very cool blog done in espanol!

San Diego 2007 (part 2); Friday, Saturday & beyond

Blog entry by Jeff

I know it’s a little late, but here’s my photo journal of this year’s big show, starting with the Dead Dog Party on the last night where everyone gathers to celebrate and unwind. 

Here I am enjoying a stogy with Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and DC Batman editor Bob Schreck.

Pals since the early days, Larry Marder and Jim Vallentino…

…David Scroggy, Bryan Talbot, John Davis (of the late and lamented Capital Comics Distribution), and the magnificent Bob Burden of Flaming Carrot & Gumby fame.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back to the…BONE World Tour 2006-2007 at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Fone Bone made the rounds almost every day, visiting with people and posing for pictures. In costume form and in stuffed animal form!

The Scholastic signing was packed. The line went out the door of the convention and out into the hall.

When the Fone Bone costume bumped into the Sam & Max costume, there was a huge trafffic jam. For a couple of minutes, there was craziness completely blocking hallways in four directions.

Chatting with Publishers Weekly journalist Calvin Reed. 

Fone claps his hands and accidentally crushes a small child. 

At my Spotlight panel, I did a reading of my latest project RASL, and from the new color BONE 6: Old Man's Cave. Comic Book Resources did a feature on the panel, here.  

Tom Beland, who has a new collection coming out of his True Story, Swear to God comics. 

Jim Lee, Matt Wagner, Terry Moore and I ganged up to draw pictures for the CBLDF Sunday morning Live Art Jam.

Below you can see Jim drawing under the camera while CBDLF's Charles Brownstein eggs on the crowd.

And speaking of the CBLDF, Jake Talley had the winning bid ($3,200) in Saturday night's CBLDF Comic-Con Auction for the original art page from Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil. 

Vijaya and I had a spicy Tai lunch with Bryan Talbot, cartoonist of Alice in Sunderland and One Bad Rat.  

I was on my way to have a coffee with Kazu Kibuishi (Flight, and the upcoming Amulet ) when we ran into McCloud women Ivy & Winter with Kurt Busiek.

One of the CBLDF Live Jam winners, Gary with his pencil drawing of Fone Bone and Thorn.

I did a signing at the Dark Horse booth to promote the release of their Art of Bone coffee table book, one of the surprise hits of the show. We brought boxes of the things and were sold out on Saturday.

Sunday night Charles Vess and his wife Karen Shaffer went up to LA for the premier of Stardust , the movie based on the book that Charles co-authored with Neil Gaiman. The next day, he rented a  sailboat and took Terry & Robin Moore (Strangers in Paradise), and Vijaya & me out for a beautiful afternoon breezing around San Diego Bay. 

Left to right: Karen Shaffer,Robin Moore (down low with the sun hat), Terry Moore (at the wheel), and Charles Vess. 

Can't beat this with a stick. See you next year, San Diego.