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Bone Volume 8: Treasure Hunters Preview!

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Here is a quick peek at a few of my favorite panels from Bone Volume 8. Jeff and I have not finalized the colors for this book yet, and I'm looking forward to getting through that process soon.



If you aren't familiar with how we color these books, I start by completing each book, and then Jeff and I go through each page and make adjustments. Sometimes we change tiny details that many people won't even notice, and sometimes we change nearly everything on a given set of pages. It's a difficult stage for me, because sometimes my brain has been hard-wired to see the colors I've chosen for a scene, so when we change them I freak out! Ha, ha. It's also the best part of the process, because Jeff and I discover some great color ideas, and I feel like the story clicks into place. I have a little break from having finished the first pass to working with Jeff on the final pages, so that helps with giving me some distance from the art. Jeff is never disappointed with my colors or anything like that, but there's still a little "artist pride" that stings when thinking about having to change stuff. Ultimately I love it, because it's one of those things that really pushes me in my creative life. This book is set for release this summer, and I will be starting on the last volume of Bone soon!

Symphony Space: New York, Feb. 10

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A week from Sunday, I’ll be in New York City to talk about graphic novels and the Bone cousins at Symphony Space. 

This will be an unusal gig for me. It was described as being like Inside the Actors Studio, with a host/moderator that will lead the discussion. It's ticketed, open to the public, and geared toward adults and kids. I'm taking a year off from all comic book shows, so this will be one of the few public appearances on the schedule. If you are in the area, I hope you can come by.

From their site: Symphony Space fosters artistically and culturally diverse performing arts, literary, and film programs that bring artists and audiences together in an atmosphere of exploration and intimacy.

I’ve heard their Selected Shorts features on NPR on Sunday mornings. I’m looking forward to it.The event takes place at 1pm, Sunday, February 10. More information is available at the Symphony Space website.

Bone & MiB

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Received this in an e-mail last week.  It's a pin-up that was done by Miguelanxo Prado, whose cartoon album Trazo de Tiza was a huge crittically acclaimed hit in the mid-ninties and then again when it was published this year by Norma and NBM. He is also the founder of the Spanish Vinetas desde O Atantico festival in A Coruna.

Hi, Jeff!

First of all, my best wishes for this new year, for Vijaya and you!

I'm sending to you the image I had done for the first spanish edition of Bone, of which I had talk to you.

I hope to meet you again soon, perhaps in some other comic festival.

Take care,


I hope so, too. Thanks for sending the picture!

You can see photos of Miguel and I in A Coruna, Spain here.

Links Ahoy! Fog warning

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I love the way Neil Gaiman talks about the process of writing. This is from yesterday’s blog entry:

“I'm more or less happily writing Chapter Six of The Graveyard Book. I say more or less as I'm at that place where I hope that the book knows what it's doing because right now I don't have a clue — I'm writing one scene after another like a man walking through a valley in thick fog, just able to see the path a little way ahead, but with no idea where it's actually going to lead him.”

See what I mean?


My friend Jennifer Oliver, who designed the Thorn cold-cast statue from Graffitti Designs a few years ago, and was one of Disney’s top clean-up artists during the 80’s and 90’s, has created a new fantasy print. She doesn't have a website, so the print is up on e-bay. Jennifer adds: "Every print plants a tree. I'm sick of my work being a drain on the environment, so I plan to keep up the tree planting policy from this point forward." You can see the picture better here.


James Robertson, who helps Bryan Talbot with his website has sent me a note to say that there is a new CD ROM of Bryan’s critically acclaimed book Heart of Empire.  For Heart of Empire fans (including myself) there's a tremendous amount of process material, like pencils and annotations. You can read the first chapter online for free by clicking here.


Here are some last minute Best Of 2007 lists that included SHAZAM! The Monster Society of Evil:

2007 Glass Eye Awards

Innocent Bystander's Best of 2007 

Blog@Newsarama Our Favorite Comics of 2007

Geekanerd's Top Ten Video Games, Comics and Movies of 2007


There are quite a few new SHAZAM! MSoE reviews out there, but I'll save those for a later blog. For now, though, there's this fun one from a site called Shuffleboil that I'll run in full:

“Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil” by Jeff Smith

Finally, a superhero comic we can wholly endorse! Bringing some of that Cartoon Book whimsy to the World’s Mightiest Mortal, Smith reinstates the qualities that actually made this mortal so mighty in the ’40s and ’50s — an absurdist fairy tale quality with just the right dash of innocence, while not being so naive as to be stupid! If Captain Marvel had been the same as all the other superheroes, we wouldn’t remember him today — and Smith is here to make sure no one forgets the real thing. Besides, Dr. Sivana is totally Dick Cheney!"

Dr. Sivana is totally Dick Cheney?  

You know, I've read that in a LOT of reviews (with varying degrees of approval), but I honestly was not trying make Sivana into Dick Cheney, I was just trying to make him a greedy, ego-maniac like Daffy Duck or Phoney Bone…

 Oh, what’s the use? You don’t believe me anyway.

Happy New Year, everyone!