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Bone Volume 8: Treasure Hunters Preview!

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Here is a quick peek at a few of my favorite panels from Bone Volume 8. Jeff and I have not finalized the colors for this book yet, and I'm looking forward to getting through that process soon.



If you aren't familiar with how we color these books, I start by completing each book, and then Jeff and I go through each page and make adjustments. Sometimes we change tiny details that many people won't even notice, and sometimes we change nearly everything on a given set of pages. It's a difficult stage for me, because sometimes my brain has been hard-wired to see the colors I've chosen for a scene, so when we change them I freak out! Ha, ha. It's also the best part of the process, because Jeff and I discover some great color ideas, and I feel like the story clicks into place. I have a little break from having finished the first pass to working with Jeff on the final pages, so that helps with giving me some distance from the art. Jeff is never disappointed with my colors or anything like that, but there's still a little "artist pride" that stings when thinking about having to change stuff. Ultimately I love it, because it's one of those things that really pushes me in my creative life. This book is set for release this summer, and I will be starting on the last volume of Bone soon!

Flying Colors Comics wins CBLDF store appearance

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Posted by Tom

Jeff will be signing at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff on Saturday, December 6th in Concord, California.

Joe Field, the owner, was the highest bidder for a CBLDF auction.

Jeff is excited because Joe was one of the first retailers he met back in the early 90s, and is one of his trusted go-to guys whenever he needs retail advice.

After taking a year off from all comic book conventions and store signings, this will be the first and only comic book store appearance Jeff will do in 2008 – 2009, so if you are in the area, please stop by!

For more details, visit Joe’s blog at Fyling Colors Comics.


Stupid, Stupid Rat Tails and ROSE now in boneville store!

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Hi everyone, Tom here. I just wanted to let you know that we received our reprints of Stupid, Stupid Rat-tails and ROSE. They are now available for purchase in the store.

Stupid, Stupid Rat-tails: The Adventures of Big Johnson BONE, Frontier Hero was written by Tom Sniegoski with art by Jeff Smith. There is also a second hilarious story of Riblet, a baby boar that runs into some rat creatures lookin for a pork lunch. Riblet is also written by Tom and illustrated by Stan Sakai, artist of Usagi Yojimbo.

ROSE was written by Jeff, with beautiful full color illustrations by award winning fantasy artist, Charles Vess.

Both editions are available in softcover only. You can get them by clicking here.

I'm a bad interview…

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

I just stumbled across this on YouTube last night. It’s an interview I did with  Alyssa Huang last Spring while at the ALA BookExpo. I mentioned it in my blog at the time, but I lost my notes that had the little girl’s name and that she was with Ideas in Writing Kid’s Club. I never saw the finished piece after that. Anyway, here it is, and I am a bad subject. I inadvertently throw my interviewer off just as the showroom starts to shut down. It’s pretty adorable…

RASL #1 going back to press; Las Vegas & ComicsPRO

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Last weekend I was in North Las Vegas at a casino called the Texas Station. It was the second annual meeting of ComicsPro, the only trade organization for direct-market comic book retailers. Vijaya and I thought a couple of days in Sin City with the top comics retailers in the country would be worth the trip. And it was. We immediately learned that most retailers were sold out of RASL #1, and had been for weeks!

During the Cartoon Books presentation I announced that RASL #1 would be going back to press. The new printing, which will sport a new color logo (and a price on the cover of the book!) will be offered through Diamond soon. Our intitial orders for #1 were 20,000 and we printed an extra 4,000 which we blew through the first weekend. 

I also learned that many comic shops were ordering the new color BONE books either directly from Scholastic, or from a book distributor like Baker & Taylor, which completely changes the picture I had about where BONE sales are coming from. I had thought the color books were mostly going through schools, bookfairs, and big box stores like Barnes & Noble, but now it looks like the direct market is a bigger part than I knew!

That was especially sweet news as I reported the newest sales figures of the color BONE books to date: 2,481,500. Now that only includes the first seven BONE color books, and does not include any of the black & white comics or tradebooks like the One Volume Edition, which alone has sold over a hundred thousand copies. Thank you, comic book stores!

After my Cartoon Books presentation we had a raffle for the 2-foot prototype of our new Bone plush which was won by Comix Experience's Brian Hibbs. The life size Bone plush is available in Previews this month. You can read Brian's report on the conference in this week's Tilting at Windmills.  

Earlier, before the presentations began, Larry Marder and I compared notes. If you've been following the guest blogs about the early days of the self-publishing movement, you'll understand it when I say it felt like old times. Larry was officially there helping out Graffitti Designs, but he is better known for his Beanworld comics. You can check out his account of the weekend at his Beanworld Blog.

Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund gave a pretty rousing speech that included this declaration:

"This is the Golden Age that we’ve all been working for. The Golden Age of graphic novels. The Golden Age of comics media.

Were it not for Direct Market comics retailers, comics may well
have joined vaudeville and radio drama as once great but wholly
abandoned art forms. Because of your smarts, your risks and your passion we have achieved this Golden Age."

You can read the entire speech over on The Beat.

Also, we announced that I would auction off my only store signing this year to the ComicsPro member who best supported the CBLDF, more details to come.

All in all, it felt like a very good couple of days, and time well spent.

Onion/AV Club interview is live

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

A new Onion/AV Club interview I did recently is live over at the Onion. It covers a lot of ground, from movies to RASL. Be sure you check out the comments that follow – - Tasha, who did the interview assures me that these are really nice compared to the usual bunch. They make fun of my ugly mug, and want to blow up my home state! I’d hate to be on the receiving end of their mean comments!

Still, it’s a nice, chunky interview, even if their readers are a bunch of dicks. The first Onion/AV Club Interview I did in May of 2000 is here.


Symphony Space: New York, Feb. 10

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

A week from Sunday, I’ll be in New York City to talk about graphic novels and the Bone cousins at Symphony Space. 

This will be an unusal gig for me. It was described as being like Inside the Actors Studio, with a host/moderator that will lead the discussion. It's ticketed, open to the public, and geared toward adults and kids. I'm taking a year off from all comic book shows, so this will be one of the few public appearances on the schedule. If you are in the area, I hope you can come by.

From their site: Symphony Space fosters artistically and culturally diverse performing arts, literary, and film programs that bring artists and audiences together in an atmosphere of exploration and intimacy.

I’ve heard their Selected Shorts features on NPR on Sunday mornings. I’m looking forward to it.The event takes place at 1pm, Sunday, February 10. More information is available at the Symphony Space website.

Back home

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Vijaya and I arrived home in the US early on Wednesday just in time to hear the news about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. We are safe and all our friends and family in the city of Mumbai are OK, although understandably shocked. Our thoughts are with them. Thank you to everyone who wrote or called to check up on us.

An evening with Paul Pope

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

On Tuesday May, 20th, The Wexner Center welcomed guest speaker Paul Pope, to the Bone and Beyond Exhibit.

Paul gave a brief history of how Batman has been interpreted over the years and what inspired him on his turn of the iconic classic: BATMAN YEAR 100!

Paul dazzling the audience with his wealth of knowledge on anything ever created… and delivered Jeff's favorite line of the evening when he referenced "the magic of the hand-drawn."

Fans line up for some face time with Mr. Pope… 

Afterwards we wound down the evening with friends at Rigsby's in The Short North. Classic Steve. 

Paul and Jeff enjoying drinks and conversation. 

Wexner Center's own: Dave Filipi and Jenny Robb. 

L to R: OSU Professor Mr. Massey, Paul, Jeff, Amanda Potter, Dave Filip, Jenny Robb, and Steve Hamaker. (Hiding off camera-me! Kathleen).

Comics: Paul Pope's Antspur

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

I’m still waiting on a firm in store date for RASL #3, but  Oct. 8th or the 15th are currently in the running. It depends on when it arrives at Diamond Comics Distribution, and then when they can turn it around. I’ll check in with them on Monday…

Meanwhile, Paul Pope always has interesting things up on his blogsite Pulphope. The piece above is called Antspur. It might be part of a larger comic or maybe not. In any case, there are really big ants where this girl lives!

Paul’s artwork is gorgeous. It’s always weird, splashy and full of life. He is one of the cartoonists whose art makes me want to draw! One of my favorite books of his is the dark, futuristic 100%.

Also, I said in an interview recently that Jack Kirby’s Kamandi was one of the inspirations for Rasl’s look…Paul is also a Kamandi fan and here is his version of Kamandi with his pet/mount Klik Klak, the mutated grasshopper.

Fun, huh?