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An evening with Paul Pope

Blog entry by Kathleen

On Tuesday May, 20th, The Wexner Center welcomed guest speaker Paul Pope, to the Bone and Beyond Exhibit.

Paul gave a brief history of how Batman has been interpreted over the years and what inspired him on his turn of the iconic classic: BATMAN YEAR 100!

Paul dazzling the audience with his wealth of knowledge on anything ever created… and delivered Jeff's favorite line of the evening when he referenced "the magic of the hand-drawn."

Fans line up for some face time with Mr. Pope… 

Afterwards we wound down the evening with friends at Rigsby's in The Short North. Classic Steve. 

Paul and Jeff enjoying drinks and conversation. 

Wexner Center's own: Dave Filipi and Jenny Robb. 

L to R: OSU Professor Mr. Massey, Paul, Jeff, Amanda Potter, Dave Filip, Jenny Robb, and Steve Hamaker. (Hiding off camera-me! Kathleen).

BONE Exhibition events continue…

Blog entry by Tom

Hi everybody, Tom here. Saturday, May 10th kicked off with Jeff's talk with Scott McCloud. A great turnout (over 500 people) came to hear Jeff and Scott share war stories from the early days of indie comics.


Thanks to Chuck over at for the top two pics. You can see Chuck's other pic's here.


Steve Hamaker in the audience.


The huge line after the interview fills the Mershon lobby, as people wait to get their swag signed. 

 Jeff and Scott get down to business.

These kids are taking some time out to read the One Volume Edition while their parents waited in line.

Thursday, May 15th. A night with Terry Moore. Terry was a great speaker. He had the audience captivated with his story of how Strangers in Paradise and his rise into self publishing came to be. I stupidly forgot my camera, so a great big THANK YOU to Vaneta at Newsarama (from whom we stole these pics). You can read the full newsarama article here.

Look at the mutual admiration they have for each other!?!

A fan gave Terry a Katchoo license plate that used to be on her car. 

After his talk, Terry was treated to a great dinner at one of our finest restaurants, G. Michaels. 

A great appetizer, shrimp and grits is one of Jeff's favorites and we ordered it for all to taste. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 20th, Paul Pope will be at the Wexner Center giving his talk. You can see more of that here. Also, dont forget about "A Looney Tunes Evening with Jeff Smith " coming up on June 5th.

OPENING Night pics of the BONE Exhibit at the Wexner

Blog entry by Tom

THE EVENT everyone here at Cartoon Books has been waiting for finally arrived, and we couldn't have been more excited. When we first arrived and took the stairs down to the exhibit, we were greeted by the huge mural Jeff did exclusively for this show. The place was packed!

Jeff meets some young fans.  On either side of him are his parents, Barbara & William Smith.

Left to right: Ron Price, Raphael Rosado, Leslie Hough and Jeff.

Jeff with Harvey Pekar. 

Harvey Pekar, Jeff, and Jenny Robb from the Cartoon Research Library

Jeff and Scott McCloud. 

The Moores, Robin & Terry. 

Terry Moore givin his thumbs up to Jeff's work. 

Robin and Karen Shaffer.

Steve in front of the mural that he colored… 

…Jeff and Steve discussing who did the most work on the mural. 

Incredible food and drinks.

Kathleen with her folks.

Vijaya and Tom Leckrone. 

Steve with our friend and clay artist extrodinaire Lisa Bare Culp.

Jeff with Jenny Robb and Karen Bell, Dean of the College of the Arts. 

Animation pals: Jeff, Jim Kammerud, and Dan Root. 

Charles Vess, Karen Shaffer, Jeff and Jenny Robb.

At the end of a long evening, we all head out to a favorite watering hole to unwind.

On the way, as the gallery is closing down, we all get our pictures taken in front of the mural… 

Terry Moore, Jeff, Vijaya, and Charles Vess. 

Cartoon Book Staffers: Kathleen, Jeff, Tom, Steve and Vijaya.

And finally, J & V by themselves.

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BONE Exhibition Setup at Wexner Center continues

Blog entry by Tom

Hi everybody, Tom here with another update on the exhibition that is only days away. Things are really starting to come together as you can see from the following pics.

Steve, Vijaya and Jeff waiting for the gallery space to open. 

Vijaya admiring a Geo. Herriman original. 

Jeff can't take his eyes off the E.C. Segar strip. 

V & J with Fone Bone. 

Jeff just noticed that the Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge page is signed! 

The original art for the final cover of BONE, issue #55. 

A  double page spread from  SHAZAM! The Monster Society of Evil.

The six page preview story from RASL. 

Just outside the gallery, a huge mural that Jeff created is being hung one panel at a time using hydraulic lifts. 

Jeff checks out the seam between panels. 

The first two panels are up! Kathleen and I (Tom) stand next to the wall for scale. 

Steve and Jeff chatting with Ohio State University President Gordon Gee. 

BONE Exhibition setup at Wexner Center

Blog entry by Jeff

Yesterday, Steve and I popped over to the Wexner Center to see how the gallery is coming along as they start hanging the art.  The show opens May 10th, and things are starting to come together. It's called Jeff Smith: Bone and Beyond and has 75 original BONE pages as well as lots of original comics art from artists I love, like E.C. Segar, Walt Kelly (that's a POGO Sunday page I'm holding in the photo above), and George Herriman.  This exhibition has been organized by the Wexner Center for the Arts and the Cartoon Research Library, The Ohio State University. The curators are David Filipi and my long time friend Lucy Shelton Caswell.

Here Lucy and I marvel at a Thimble Theatre Popeye page.  


Gary Trudeau originals. 

We had a heck of a time finding a Carl Barks original comics page, but there it is on the left! 

We're waiting on huge vinyl versions of Bone art to cover the walls before we hang everything. 

A George Herriman original Sunday. Looking at his brush strokes and scratched out white spaces is like looking at the Holy Grail.

Steve checks out the exhibit catalog which has essays by Scott McCloud and Neil Gaiman. We'll show you more of that in another post.

Here's a link to the Wexner's official web page, and on it is a short, but fancy HD film-o-mercial they made to promote the event.

Click here to see the Wexner Bone and Beyond film.  

We are also moving our site to a new server, so please excuse any hiccups with Boneville for the next few days!