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Blog entry by Tom

Hey everybody, Tom again. I just wanted to let everybody know that we got the RASL shirts in, and they are available for purchase right here!

RASL (played by our friend Mark) stopped by and I took some pics of him in his very first t-shirt!!!

These 100% cotton shirts come in small to XXL, and are made by American Apparel.



*Maya tattoo not included with purchase…sorry!

Thanks to our friend Bob Chapman and Graphitti Designs for producing these awesome t-shirts for us!!!  Get yours today!


Jeff on the Online Newshour: Insider Forum

Blog entry by Tom

Last week The Newshour posted a podcast follow up to their interview about the Bone and Beyond exhibit. It’s a regular feature of their show and part of their website allowing viewers to ask questions. This interview is much more in depth than than the television piece.

You can find it here.

You can also see one of the people whose questions was picked here.

A video stream of the original Newshour piece is here.

Posted by Tom.