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Comics: Paul Pope’s Antspur

Blog entry by Jeff

I’m still waiting on a firm in store date for RASL #3, but  Oct. 8th or the 15th are currently in the running. It depends on when it arrives at Diamond Comics Distribution, and then when they can turn it around. I’ll check in with them on Monday…

Meanwhile, Paul Pope always has interesting things up on his blogsite Pulphope. The piece above is called Antspur. It might be part of a larger comic or maybe not. In any case, there are really big ants where this girl lives!

Paul’s artwork is gorgeous. It’s always weird, splashy and full of life. He is one of the cartoonists whose art makes me want to draw! One of my favorite books of his is the dark, futuristic 100%.

Also, I said in an interview recently that Jack Kirby’s Kamandi was one of the inspirations for Rasl’s look…Paul is also a Kamandi fan and here is his version of Kamandi with his pet/mount Klik Klak, the mutated grasshopper.

Fun, huh?


Comics: Mike Laughead

Blog entry by Jeff


I stumbled across Mike Laughead’s comics after an interview he gave with a website called Stickers and Donuts linked to Boneville. Mike is an illustrator and designer, but he also makes comics. I’ve linked to two below:

Scary Thoughts – the story of  Vampire and a zombie falling in love…

…and Unicorn Girl – another love story, this time between geeks. Very funny.

Mike’s artwork is solid stuff, I could look at it all day. You can find out more about his work on his website or by reading the interview.

Let me know what you think…

Comics: Hope Larson & Bryan Lee O’Malley

Blog entry by Jeff


It has been a busy summer and I’ve fallen behind in my blogging.  I’ll be back soon with updates on RASL #3 and other projects. To ease myself back into the swing of blog posting, I’ll point you to some comics I like.

A few weeks ago Hope Larson and Bryan Lee O’Malley posted a piece they did together called Bear Creek Apartments. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out. It’s fun and spooky – - and very much a combination of their two kinds of story-telling.

I’m also a big fan of both artists’ work. Hope is known for her thoughtful and beautiful work in Flight, and (my favorite of her books) Salamander Dreams. Hope has also written Gray Horses and her new book is called Chiggers. Bryan’s Scott Pilgrim has taken the comics world by storm. In it, Bryan takes manga and video games and bends them into something original and awesome. O’Malley’s sure-footed pacing and engaging characters remind me why I like comics. A lot of people have been singing the praises of both Hope and Bryan (a couple in real life). If you would like more info on them, or some of their other projects, check out their websites…