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Flying Colors Comics wins CBLDF store appearance

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Jeff will be signing at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff on Saturday, December 6th in Concord, California.

Joe Field, the owner, was the highest bidder for a CBLDF auction.

Jeff is excited because Joe was one of the first retailers he met back in the early 90s, and is one of his trusted go-to guys whenever he needs retail advice.

After taking a year off from all comic book conventions and store signings, this will be the first and only comic book store appearance Jeff will do in 2008 – 2009, so if you are in the area, please stop by!

For more details, visit Joe’s blog at Fyling Colors Comics.


BONE iPhone comic Apple’s “Pick of the Week”

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 BONE is now available on your iPhone in full color!

UClick, the company that offers downloadable comics for your phone has chosen issue #1 of BONE (in color) to be their first comic for the iPhone- – and Apple made it their Pick of the Week. You can see it on Apple’s Hot News Site!

Here’s the announcement from Apple:

Apple Store Pick of the Week: Out of Boneville
October 22, 2008

Add graphic novels to the list of amazing things you can enjoy on iPhone and iPod touch. In this case, Out of Boneville, the first volume of Jeff Smith’s multiple-award winning Bone series. Out of Boneville (.99) looks great on iPhone, letting you move back and forth with a simple swipe. And if you do have to pull yourself away from the story, iPhone takes you right back to where you were before you left.

Here’s a link to UCLICK:


Links Ahoy, October 2008

Blog entry by Jeff


A.P.E., the Alternative Press Expo is just around the corner – - November 1 & 2 in San Francisco.

From their site: "The special guest list for APE 2008 includes Jessica Abel (La Perdida), Paige Braddock (Jane’s World), Megan Kelso (The Squirrel Mother), Matt Madden (99 Ways to Tell a Story), Ethan Nicolle (Chumble Spuzz, courtesy of SLG Publishing), and Chris Ware (The ACME Novelty Library). As always, APE will be filled to the rafters with a whole slew of other amazing artists, writers, and creators."

The image at the top is an excerpt from the web comic Calamities of Nature by Tony Piro. A lot of the time I find new blogs and sites because they linked here at boneville.  This will take you to his blog about getting ready to go to A.P.E. for the first time as an exhibitor (I hope; the link was a little sticky just now). He also remembers attending the first A.P.E. in 1994!

Going to A.P.E. is always exciting, especially the first time you set up a table. I remember attending the very first A.P.E. in San Jose with Dave Sim. It was at that show that I met Paul Pope for the first time.

Speaking of Paul (artwork above), he has a page up on his blog from Battling Boy, his new project coming out from First/Second.

Here’s a link for you: Kevin Hanna, the guy behind Google’s Lively, and editor of the new graphic novel Sixteen Miles to Merrick’s by a cartoonist named Barnaby Ward, says he reads the blogs of both Craig Thompson and me, and has figured out the secret of our creative process. The picture of Craig is guaranteed to make you say; Holy S#*t!

The above art is from Sixteen Miles to Merricks and Other Stories By Barnaby Ward.

Hope you are enjoying RASL #3. Don’t forget to leave a comment about it, because I want to know what you think!