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Back home

Blog entry by Jeff

Vijaya and I arrived home in the US early on Wednesday just in time to hear the news about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. We are safe and all our friends and family in the city of Mumbai are OK, although understandably shocked. Our thoughts are with them. Thank you to everyone who wrote or called to check up on us.

INDIA: New Dehli Children’s Book Fest

Blog entry by Tom

Vijaya writes:

We arrive in New Delhi. Staying at Sanskriti Institute – an artists retreat on outskirts of the city. Here’s Jeff giving an interview amongst giant terra cotta sculptures – typical in south Indian region of Tamil Nadu.

Below, Jeff and Shatanu Duttagupta, one of our Scholastic India friends.

Shantanu has taken great care of us ever since we arrived in Bangalore. Shantanu and Scholastic India’s publicist Rohini Vij, (along with our Kathleen Glosan) worked tirelessly to put this booktour together.

Jeff with Scholastic India’s publicist, Rohini Vij.

Chalk talk at Childrens Lit festival, Bookaroo.

Afterward, the kids got in line to get their books signed. Jeff signed for a couple of hours.

So that’s it! I’m sure that Jeff will share a lot more that happened on their trip when he gets back… So stay tuned. Happy Thanksgiving!



INDIA: Snacks in Mumbai

Blog entry by Tom

Posted by Tom

Just received these pics this morning. I hope they bring some of these snacks back for us!

Jeff writes:

I found it! The food of the trip!

While shopping in Mumbai I found the perfect snack: Panipuri.

Indians have a name for fast, fresh casual food you can pick up from a street stand; they call it "chaat." This is a panipuri stand. 

I’ve had panipuris during lunch, and late at night after a couple of beers. I’m hooked.

The puris are light, crispy, deep fried pastries. And pani means water; very spicy water! 

A small hole is popped in the crispy top and filled with a mixture of water, spices, and chick peas.
The whole thing goes in your mouth and when you bite down there is a literal explosion of crunchy, sweet & spicy flavors!

The vendor keeps cranking them out as long as you stand there. I ate about eight of them and I could have kept going. We need some of these carts in New York City!

India: Mumbai

Blog entry by Tom

Posted by Tom

Jeff and V sure have been busy. These pics were in my inbox this morning. ENJOY!

Jeff writes:

We arrived in Mumbai the day before yesterday (the giant city that used to be called Bombay, home of Bollywood, the world’s largest film capital), and have been visiting family & friends. Also spent a lot of time in the hotel cafe – - gave a dozen interviews including some of India’s biggest papers like Times of India, The Hindu, Time Out Mumbai, DNA Daily News, and Rolling Stone India. 

Last night I had a book signing downtown @ Crossword Bookstore, at Kemps Corner, Mumbai 7:00pm. Good turn out.


Today I am giving a lecture at the Whistling Woods Film Institute.

First I was given a tour of the animation dept. Very nice. State of the art.

Part of my talk covers comics influences like this Krazy Kat Sunday page by Geo. Herriman.

Afterward, the students came up and asked questions and passed around the books.

It was great fun!


iINDIA booktour via iPhone from Jeff and V part 2

Blog entry by Tom

Hi everybody, I received some new pics from Jeff and Vijaya. Wish we were there with them, we woke up to our first snow fall this morning. I think they might want to stay longer when they find that out…

On siesta. Getting ready for a booktour full of unknowns. That’s Jeff on the beach of Ihuru, North Male Atoll, on Maldive Island.

Watched a beautiful sunrise here in The Maldive Islands. Vijaya & I spent a  few days rest here to burn off our jet lag before the booktour.

I haven’t completely escaped work though; this is a picture (taken with my iPhone) of my reading material for the trip. A couple hard-boiled noir novels (1 Hammett, 1 Chandler) and a couple x-file type science books. Doing my homework.

And yes! On the right of the table is a copy of the new oversized RASL collection. It’s a sample copy sent straight to our room here (in the middle of The Indian Ocean!) It’s beautifully printed. I will be premiering RASL volume 1: The Drift at Flying Colors Comics in person on Dec. 6.

Some very talented fans check in…

Blog entry by Tom

We received a couple of emails from fans that I wanted to share with rest of the world.

Joel Newman & Arica Houy created these awesome Phoney and Fone BONE costumes.

Joel added "My girlfriend and I worked on these outfits over the course of the past month or so. We’re both huge fans of Jeff’s work and felt there was no better way to show our affection for his classic characters than crafting them out of heavy-duty foam and cloth! It was really a blast seeing people’s reactions when Fone Bone and Phoney Bone entered the room; we were definitely the hit of every party we attended. We hope that you enjoy looking at these costumes as much as we did making them, and we thank you for the many years of wonderful entertainment.

Scott Ewen wrote in and said "Hi Jeff, just wanted to say I love RASL and I made some fanart for an Indie Comics Draw-off I’m hosting on Penciljack. Here’s a link to it in case you’d like to see it. Thanks!

Thanks a lot guys, GREAT WORK. Jeff will definitely be impressed, when he gets to see them on his return from India.

Additional Stops on India Book Tour-come out and see Jeff!

Blog entry by Tom

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 – BANGALORE: Lecture/workshop at the Srishti School of Design, Bangalore: 9:30am-11:30am
Book shop event at Reliance TimeOut Store, Bangalore 3:00pm

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 – MUMBAI: Signing Crossword Bookstore, at Kemps Corner, Mumbai 7:00pm

Thursday, November 20, 2008 – MUMBAI: Lecture/workshop at Whistling Woods School of Film Studies, Mumbai 2:00pm

Sunday, November 23, 2008 – NEW DELHI: Signing Children’s Literature Festival at Sanskriti Kendra 10:30am-11:30am

Monday, November 24, 2008 – NEW DELHI: Visit to the American School 9:00am, Live Radio Show 104.8 FM MEAW 5:00pm

iIndia… Our booktour blog all done via iPhone

Blog entry by Tom

Here are the latest pics from Jeff and V.

Fishing boats on the Indian Ocean near the town of Mamallapurum. This is one of spots where the 2004 tsunami came ashore.

A giant 40 ft. wave carved away much of the beach, revealing ancient carvings and lost temple foundations.