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Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

Blog entry by Tom

Hi everybody! Tom again. Jeff’s gonna kill me for doing this, but today is the day our fearless leader was born. Please join me in wishing him a very, very Happy B’day!

Here’s an oldie but goodie. Jeff did this back in 1996 for those of you that havent seen it. And just as an fyi, he’s not 54 as the candles would indicate.

Sixteen miles

Blog entry by Jeff

Last Spring I was asked by a publisher to write a small blurb for the back cover of Barnaby Ward’s graphic Novel Sixteen Miles to Merricks which came out in August. It’s a great book, filled with mystery and really well drawn sexy women. What more could you want? To read a good review of Sixteen Miles… visit Comics Bulletin.

A couple of days ago I received the amazing drawing above along with this letter:

Dear Jeff
I’m sorry I never got around to thanking you sooner for the marvelous endorsement you gave my book Sixteen Miles to Merricks. I’m a huge fan and Bone has to be one of my all time favorite comics. As soon as my son is old enough, I plan on buying the full set of colorized volumes for him.


There are some unforeseen pleasures in this field…


New ICv2 Top Ten GN list includes BONE

Blog entry by Jeff

ICv2,the website known for it’s comprehensive lists of comics sales numbers has revised its 2008 Graphic Novel sales chart, and BONE Vol. 1: Out from Boneville is now in the Top Ten and other BONE books made the list as well. The new list is here. This all started because we wondered why BONE never showed up on any monthly top 100 sales lists.  Apparently, other folks were wondering about their titles too.

Of course, the situation is made all the more complicated by the industry’s obsession with secrecy, as well as all the different means of catagorizing. Also, many of our sales are never counted in the current system because Bookscan has no records of Bone books sold at school Book Fairs or Bookclubs catalogs, nor do they record sales from many comics retailers or their websites.   

Still, with the Scholastic color BONE series hitting 3 million copies in print, our 1300 page Bone: One Volume Edition averaging 1,500 to two thousand a month, it seemed strange that not one of the volumes ever appeared at even #100.

It turns out that Bookscan had the books catagorized in such a way that they didn’t count. Our many thanks to Milton Griepp and the staff of ICv2 for putting in the time and effort to help try and straighten things out.

Next, we need to figure out why our records show that Diamond has moved 140,000 copies of our black & white BONE: One Volume Edition, and Bookscan only knows about 50, 000 of them…

Thanks also to The Beat for picking up the story, which you can read here.