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Cartoon Books will be at Mid Ohio Con this weekend!

Blog entry by Tom

Hi everybody! Tom again. I wanted to let you all know that I’m taking the Cartoon Books booth full of goodies to the  Mid Ohio Con. The Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus will host the event, and you can find me in our booth at space 207. (See map below)

We’re planning some sweet conventions deals so stop by! 

I will have some signed books, that will include the new cover of the BONE: One Volume Edition, as seen here as well as some other signed Bone & RASL stuff.  

Please come out and say hi if you can!

BONE One Volume Edition covers

Blog entry by Jeff

It was suggested by one of our frequent posters Brandon, that I blog about the various covers that the One Volume Edition of BONE has had over the last 5 years. Okay, Brandon!


The first cover of the BONE: One Volume Edition debuted at the 2004 Comic-Con International in San Diego. It remained the cover through seven printings, from July 2004 to September 2005, when, because of our contractual obligations, we took the One Volume Edition out of print to make way for the new Scholastic color editions that were just then starting to be released.

(Note: The artwork above was originally designed for the 2001 cover of the San Diego Comic-Con International program book)


After being off the market for a year, I began to regret that the One Volume Edition was out of print. The Scholastic editions were doing quite well, and still are, but the big, fat 1300 page black & white epic comic was really what I always wanted, and since Scholastic’s BONE books were mostly sold in schools and children’s sections, BONE had essentially vanished from comic book shops and the graphic novel section of book stores. I asked Scholastic if we could bring it back. They agreed.

The cover above was created specifically for the revival of the BONE: One Volume Edition. Unlike the Scholastic covers which featured large drawings of the characters in specific situations, I wanted the One Volume cover to convey a mood; to show Fone Bone small, and almost lost in the bigger world around him. This cover was used for 5 more printings from Sept. 2006 to June 2009.

(Note:  I painted the above cover in black & white ink washes. The color was then digitally added by Steve Hamaker.)


As we approached the 13th printing in June 2009, I thought a mostly black cover would be fun and fitting for the number 13. If the time for a 14th printing comes around, I’ll have to decide if I want to do a new cover or go back to the one with Fone sitting on the rock. Right now I’m leaning toward going back to the rock. What do you think?

Links Ahoy! September 2009

Blog entry by Jeff

Happy Labor Day! Instead of working and writing a real entry for today’s blog, here are a few recent BONE related links from around the web…


A reluctant comics fan gives in and reads the One Volume Edition at  Byzantium Shores.

CBC Radio picks their Top Ten Graphic Novels of All Time.

Creator’s Incubator checks out BONE.


Try Harder, the Scary Threat Book Blog, says RASL is the antidote!

Major Spoilers reviews RASL #5 and pretty much sums up what’s good and what’s bad.

The Comic Addiction has a review of RASL #5 by a non-BONE reader.

Little Mouse Gets Ready:

ICv2′s Tom Flinn reviews Little Mouse.

Over at Read About Comics, Greg McElhatton digs Toon Books.

Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading looks at both Little Mouse and Rose.

Forbiden Planet International reviews the dressing habits of a mouse.

Kirkus wrote a review, but I can’t link to it. Here’s quote though: " The big friendly panels in autumn pastels and the silly twist ending will have emergent readers going straight back to the first page over and over." Nice!

Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil:

Grovel, the UK site that reviews graphic novels celebrates a superhero comic for kids.

Suite 101 wonders: is it just for kids?

By the way, I loved Mike Kunkle’s take on Captain Marvel, but the new team on Billy Batson and the Power of Shazam, led by Art Baltazar and Franco is three issues in, and issue #6 especially is pretty hot.

The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, Bone, and the Changing Face of Comics:

Texas Indy cartoonist Nate Bramble, who does a webcomic called Hermit Hill, watches The Cartoonist.

Kevin’s Meandering Mind; an elementary school librarian watches The Cartoonist with his young son.

Out from the Comic Shop, a blog intended to "provide insight for teachers using or considering using comics and graphic novels in the classroom," takes a look at the documentary.

Around town:

In an interview with ICv2, DC Publisher Paul Levitz talks about the state of the industry and name-checks us!

I met Will Terrell in San Diego this year. He’s got some chops, check out his portfolio!  At his blog The Art of Will Terrell, Will talks about going to panels at Comic-Con International.

Next year’s big, new comics show, C2E2 (Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) has the Guests of Honor listed here.

WONDERful time in Toronto!

Blog entry by Jeff

A couple of weeks ago I had a signing at an Indigo Book Store in Toronto. It was great, very well attended, and the icing on the cake was meeting Lynda Carter who was doing a signing right after mine to promote her new CD.

It was an afternoon signing out in the burbs. When I first arrived at the store, the whole downstairs was jammed with people queued up behind velvet ropes. See? Nice turn out!

Then they showed me the upstairs!. They took me past another giant queue, which I assumed was for Lynda, but her’s was elsewhere.  No, they said, upstairs and down, this is all for BONE, and there is a third line starting up in the back. Do you want to limit the number of books you’ll sign?

I said I wouldn’t put a limit on the number of books I’d sign, because most of the kids had all nine books, plus Rose, but I did request that I only draw in the top copy for each customer.

I got started at 2pm, and went for three and half hours straight. That’s a lot of Fone Bones to draw!

The kids made it worth it.

And most of them had read their copy of Rose while waiting in line; I was relieved to find out they all liked the ending, which is not a Disney happy ending by any stretch.

Then part way through my signing, the staff brought Lynda Carter over. I have to admit I was a little star struck. Can you tell?

She was great, and the crowd ate it up. She gave me a copy of her new CD and flashbulbs went off like we’re on the red carpet somewhere! While we were posing for the picture up at the top, one little girl said, “They should get married!”

I signed a copy of BONE for Lynda as she looked at some of the pictures the kids had drawn for me.

She probably gets tired of hearing about Wonder Woman, but man, it’s impossible to look at her and not think about the character. All right, no more Wonder Woman references, I promise. Her CD isn’t bad either.

Anyway, back to the kids! We finished up around 5:30.

Later that night I met up with a bunch of comics pals at a great little joint in the Annex area called The Madison Pub.

The survivors, L to R:  Ian Daffern, Ho Che Anderson (peeking out), Scott Robins (leaning in), Chris Butcher, me, and one of my very oldest chums in the biz, Mark Askwith.  Taking the photo is another long time crony Bruce Peck. Many, many martinis were consumed.

Scott Robins, who took all of the photos here, has a blog up at School Library Journal with more pictures.

Happy and exhausted, I stumbled up to my room overlooking downtown and the CN Tower.  Can’t wait to get back to Toronto!

Special thanks to Denise Anderson of Scholastic Canada, Scott Robins for taking all the photos, Bruce Peck for arranging the boys night out.