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Coming in 2011…One Volume Edition in Full Color

Blog entry by Jeff

The technology has finally caught up!  Through a combination of sewing and glue, we can make a nearly 1400 page color One Volume Edition that lays flat when open!

2011 will be the 20th anniversary of Bone #1, and one of the things we’re doing to celebrate will be putting together the BONE: 20th Anniversary Full Color One Volume Edition. It’s the whole thing in a beautiful hardback book and will include extras. The dimensions: 9 1/4″ x 7″ & the spine is 3″ (very similar to the current black & white paperback) and comes in a slipcase.

More details to come…


Blog entry by Tom

Hi everybody! Tom again.

Nominees for the 2010 Broken Frontier Awards are out, and Jeff has been nominated as Best Independent Writer for RASL.

We like the Broken Frontier gang, so we’re very excited! Please vote for Jeff!

You’ll need to hurry, as the voting ends this Sunday!

click here to vote. Or barring that, send your vote via e-mail to

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