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Modern Masters vol. 25 ships in three weeks!

Blog entry by Tom

Modern Masters vol. 25 features Jeff! It’s a 120 page full color trade paperback filled

with rare sketches, pencils, and interviews. It’s one of the most comprehensive surveys of Jeff’s career we’ve ever seen.

There’s a preview available here.

Modern Masters will be on sale in comic book shops on Wed. March 2, 2011!

For more information, visit TwoMorrows’ website.

Missed it: Booklist review of Rasl

Blog entry by Jeff

This review of RASL appeared in the Nov. 15th 2010 issue of Booklist:

Rasl, v.2: The Fire of St. George.

Smith, Jeff (Author) , Smith, Jeff (Illustrator)

Nov 2010. 120 p. Cartoon, paperback, $15.00. ( 9781888963229). 741.5.

This second volume collecting Smith’s post-Bone series, a hard-boiled sci-fi smashup, reveals much of the

heroes backstory. He’s a parallel-world-hopping art thief who not so long ago was a brainiac physicist

exploring some of the possibilities buried in Nikola Teslas legacy. But now he’s a grim, tattooed bruiser

dodging a camel-faced assassin who’s tracking his dimensional jumps. The fractured narrative spins off in

some surprising new directions, and Smith’s fluid and precision-fueled cartooning works just as well in

these gritty thriller environs as it does in his humor-laced fantasy epic. Sexy, bloody, and more intriguing,

impressive, and ambitious by the second.

Ian Chipman

Quest for the Spark, Book 1 ships

Blog entry by Jeff

This week the illustrated new Bone novel hit store shelves. Written by Tom Sniegoski (BONE: Tall Tales) and illustrated by yours truly, Quest 1 is the first of a three book epic introducing three new Bones: Professor Percival Bone, and his nephew & niece Barclay and Abigail. They meet up with a rag-tag group of misfits who have to work together to find the missing pieces of the LOST SPARK! You can read a review of Quest for the Spark along with reviews of all four BONE companion books at School Library Journal.

Today is Tom’s birthday! He’s 187 years old! (I think)

Also, Quest for the Spark debuted at #1 in Canada! Happy Birthday, Tom!