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RASL no.11 Sneak peek. On sale next Wed, July 6th!

Blog entry by Jeff

Wow! What a crazy month we’ve had! I know you couldn’t tell it from the blog, but Cartoon Books has been running on all cylinders getting ready for our 20th anniversary. We’ve put together a lot of fun projects for this summer, including a BONE TOUR that covers six cities in three countries, and, of course, the BONE Full Color One Volume Box Set – - which we have samples of now! But more on all of that next week.

Next Wednesday, July 6th, RASL 11 will be in stores! I have been told that even though the 4th of July is on Monday, that comics will still be in stores on Wednesday.

This was a fun issue to work on because things are starting to happen!  Whenever the story shifts into the final act, it’s always the best part of the book to work on!

Pages from RASL #11 (Click on the images to enlarge)

Come back next week and we’ll have photos of the 20th Anniversary Box Set, some videos of Steve and I working on the original art pieces that are included,  a first look at the Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone plush dolls(!), and – - this is unusual – - photos and video clips of the Cartoon Books crew painting a 17 foot cartoon mural for a new restaurant in downtown Columbus!

Hope you enjoyed the RASL #11 preview. Enjoy your 4th of July!