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Better Late than NEVER…part 1

Blog entry by Tom

Jeff is working hard on the next issue of RASL. So, I figured I would pass along some fun videos and pictures from the first half of the conventions we’ve been attending.

Here is an interview Jeff did with the Stumptown Trader Review in San Diego.

And here is their Comic Con 2011 Highlight Reel. Jeff makes a cameo about the 1:55 mark.

Publishers Weekly had some fun pics and information on the kid’s books at the show. You can read that by clicking here!

Baltimore Comic Con was fun as Jeff, Steve and I continued the party with Robyn and Terry Moore. This photo courtesy of the Baltimore Comic Con Facebook page!

Fan Expo Canada was the highlight of the BONE tour for me thus far. The screen capture below is from the video of where I was “punked” by a girl from MTV Live, who was cutting in line to get an autograph. After she told me, and I saw the camera, this moment will go down as the most embarrassing of my life, so far! You can see the whole video here!

We will have more pics and stories soon, and Jeff should be back to blogging next week!

Next up on the 20th Anniversary BONE Tour…New York Comic Con! Hope to see you there!