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2011 Boneville Store Signature Holiday Sale!

Blog entry by Tom

Starting tomorrow, November 16th, any book(s) that you purchase from the Boneville store, will be autographed by Jeff Smith.

Some new products have been added to the store, including the slipcase version of the BONE 20th Anniversary FULL COLOR ONE VOLUME Edition! We only have a limited quantity available, until the second printing gets here next April, so order fast!

If you have any children (young or old) on your list, the 3 BONE cousins can continue their adventures with them! The Fone Bone plush is back in stock and is now joined by Phoney and Smiley Bone!

Celebrate 20 years of BONE with the Anniversary Tour t-shirts! These navy blue American Apparel tees are so comfortable and also available in children’s sizes.

Just a reminder that this sale only pertains to all of the books sold in the store. No toys, t-shirts, plushes, statues etc. will be signed.