Monthly Archives: December 2011

RASL drawings on SindieCate Blog

Blog entry by Jeff

I just stumbled across this group blog called The Sindiecate, a place for a bunch of talented guys like Mike Choi, James Harren, Ryan Ottley & more to put up drawings for fun and to challenge each other. It’s amazing! These guys are obviously having a blast. Bookmark it now!

Man! That’s cool. The Sindiecate started up some time this summer, and there are a lot more drawings to look at. Here’s an interview from last August that iFanboy ran to introduce the group.


Are Graphic Novels Good Enough for the Classroom?

Blog entry by Tom

Last Tuesday, Jeff was invited to a Skype interview with TVO on the topic: “Are Graphic Novels Good Enough for Classrooms”? TVO, TV Ontario, is a non-profit educational organization helping parents and children succeed in school and life. In this segment, Jeff is asked to weigh in on this hot-topic—-take a look and see how Jeff answers THAT question!

You can read the entire article here.