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I’m going to TCAF!

Blog entry by Jeff

This May is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and I will be going. It’s a great show that focuses on comics as art and literature. From their website:

Toronto Public Library presents

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Jeff Smith, Alison Bechdel and Guy Delisle highlight TCAF’s 2012 programme,

which features more than 300 international cartoonists

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2012

at Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St.

Saturday May 5th, 2012, 9am-5pm

Sunday May 6th, 2012, 11am-5pm



And not a bad poster from the brothers Moon and Ba!



RASL #13 Update 2

Blog entry by Jeff

Good new! Re-writes for the second half of RASL #13 are completed. Thanks to everyone for all the words of support, it was greatly appreciated and helpful over a long weekend. So, now I have to pencil and ink the pages – - which should take a couple of weeks.

A quick post-script; I read on someone’s website that they were concerned that major re-writes were underway this close to the end, but these rewrites had nothing to do with the overall story.  My crew pointed out that things were going a little too easily for our hero, but believe me, that’s been rectified. Our art thief is back up to his neck in trouble – - just the way way it should be!

Thanks again for understanding, and I’ll post again when I have an estimate of the ship date!

RASL #13 Update

Blog entry by Jeff

I can’t believe it! I’m back out at the schoolhouse reworking the script for RASL #13. It was supposed to go to the printer this week, but after showing the book to Vijaya and the gang at Cartoon Books, we all decided the last ten pages needed a rewrite. It happens sometimes, just not this close to the deadline. For retailers, this may mean an order readjustment (I hope not!); for everyone else, it will mean a delay of a couple of weeks. Sorry about this, and thanks for understanding – - making every issue of RASL as good as it can be is crucial to me – - especially this close to the climax.

On the plus side: It’s an intense and crazy issue – - it’ll be worth it!