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Wrapping up RASL #14

Blog entry by Jeff

It’s crunch time. I’m finishing up the inks on RASL #14 so we can send it out next week. That means I’m stocking up on Pellegrino, turkey slices, and jalapenos (my munchies of choice!), so I can power through the next couple of days. This is the second to last issue, so a lot story threads are starting to come together – - that’s why you see so many older issues of RASL strewn around my desk for reference.


Max-imum BONE!

Blog entry by Jeff

The brilliant cartoonist who goes simply by Max, recently posted the above piece on his blog & tumbler. I first met Max in Barcelona at the big comics festival back in the late nineties. Max is a badass cartoonist. He’s done covers for The New Yorker, and made  a number of award winning comics albums, mostly published in Europe, but some published here, like Bardin from Fantagraphics.

I love his style, and his stories are smart, fun, and pure comics. You can see some of his titles (like those below) at his blog.

Thanks, Max!

Here’s a link to a short YouTube video of Max conducting a comics workshop.

Josie & a bunch of Pussycats.

Blog entry by Jeff

This popped up on my Bone alert last month. It was a piece over at Blake Bell’s website that marked the passing of Josie DeCarlo, the inspiration for Dan DeCarlo’s Josie & The Pussycats character for Archie comics. Blake posts an interview he did with Josie from 2002, and it’s worth a look.

As I recall, this picture is from the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award dinner, and we were the comic book table. Around 2001 or so?  Left to right: Dan DeCarlo, me, someone I recognize, but can’t remember his name, Josie, Sergio Aragones, and Will Eisner. Dan and I were both up for best comic book that year- – Dan won and we all went wild!

Thanks to Blake!

Two of my favorite things…Jeff draws Wonder Woman, and Terry draws Thor…

Blog entry by Tom

Hi everybody! Tom here. The blog here at Boneville has been quiet for a while (we’ve been really, really busy with crazy amounts of stuff – - finishing RASL, and getting ready for the Summer shows), and so I wanted to get it going again. Thought I’d share a couple of cool sketches that I have. When Jeff went to the Barcelona International Comics Festival in 2010, he knew I was a fan of one of the other guests:  Gail Simone. So Jeff (being the awesome boss that he is) drew me this quick sketch of Wonder Woman, so Gail could sign it for me.

Gail, who was writing Wonder Woman at the time, wrote the word ballons!

Next, Rachel Rising creator and great friend of ours, Terry Moore, gave me this kick@ss Thor sketch for helping design and layout his Hot Girls, Cold Feet sketchbook.

Hope you enjoyed this little peak behind the scenes of working with indie creators!

I love my job!