Cartoon Books was formed In 1991 to publish and license the comics work of Jeff Smith.


Vijaya Iyer joined Cartoon Books in 1992 to help Jeff publish the black & white comic book BONE. As President of the company, she has been responsible for publishing, merchandising, and international licensing for BONE into 25 countries.

Kathleen Glosan has been a part of Cartoon Books since 1997. She serves as the Production Manager and supervises the day-to-day operations of the staff as well as oversees the production and travel schedules for Jeff and the team. She also is the liaison for Jeff and Cartoon Books, managing the distribution, inventory, and publicity and everything in-between!

Tom Gaadt joined Cartoon Books in 2008, although he’s been helping on the convention circuit since 2000. As Graphics Manager, he is responsible for the creative design and layout of the books published and website. He is very excited to be coloring Jeff’s next project, Tuki.