Bone Named Among 10 Most Banned Books of 2013!


Today, the American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom posted their annual list of the ten most-challenged books. The 2013 list has many of the “usual suspects” and one not-so-usual suspect: Jeff Smith’s Bone secured the rank of tenth most challenged book of the year for “political viewpoint, racism, violence.” Read Jeff’s and the CBLDF’s statement here

4 thoughts on “Bone Named Among 10 Most Banned Books of 2013!

  1. Peter Pasinthrew

    I’ve just gotten through the first book of the B&W one volume Bone and I can safely say the book is racist.
    Only 2 bugs have featured, that’s an under representation of the bug race. Jeff is clearly a Bone supremacist.

  2. Al Russell

    Congratulations Jeff,

    You have joined the ranks of Vonnegut, Salinger and Twain. That’s quite good company to keep.

    Al Russell

  3. Zachary Silviera

    BONE is one of my favorite graphic novels. I have all the Saga including the book with Big Johnson and his fables separate.
    It made me crack up more then three times and gave me further influence to read more. It is ridiculous how so many people take everything seriously, lump things with something else that would be off topic and offensive and make up stupid laws about it and ruin the fun for everyone, like the act that supposed to ban fan fiction or fan art. Other then making a living from making BONE, Jeff Smith made
    this saga because he wanted to, and share his art and sense of humor with the world, and not keep it under wraps in his thoughts of creativity. That’s what we as artists and cartoonists do.

    Zachary Silviera

  4. cooper clarke

    This is horrible! there needs to be more trans people and genderfluid and gay people in the series! 0/10 wouldn’t recommend!


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