Boneville 2.0 Let's try this again!

NEW BONE website

If this is your first visit, welcome to Boneville; if you are a long time friend, welcome back!  Last year before the holidays, we launched my new web comic (the National Cartoonist Society Award nominated) TUKI Save the Humans (or TUKI for short), and we tried to redesign the site for the occasion.  Unfortunately, our roll out made look good. Still, like Rasl, our motto is: It’s never too late to fix it!

Everyone here at Cartoon Books wants to thank our readers for not only alerting us to the problems, but offering very good advice, and helping to point us in the right direction. Hope you enjoy the results.

7 thoughts on “Boneville 2.0 Let's try this again!

  1. Kevin Brennan

    The new site looks great. Tons of improvements over the previous incarnation.

    Also, thank you to Jeff and the crew at ECCC for making my sons feel welcome and entertained in line. They were excited to meet the man who created their favourite comics.

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  5. Jeff

    We will publish a black and white comic of Issue (Season) One and it will be released in July. Issue two will probably follow in the fall.


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