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Bleeding Cool Spotlights Jeff's Appearance at C.A.B

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson


Jeff was invited as a Special Guest of the Comic Arts Brooklyn show, which was held earlier this month in Brooklyn, New York. Jeff participated in a spotlight panel – Jeff Smith: Pulled Apart -  in which he not only discussed his lifelong love of comics, but also his process and experience in getting to where he is today. BONE and RASL were obvious topics of discussion, but one of the main highlights for fans was hearing and seeing a bit more about Jeff’s newest project: TUKI Save the Humans, which will be Jeff’s first web-comic, set to debut this month.

The panel concluded with an exciting, live-inking illustration of BONE! The piece was auctioned off on behalf of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, of which Jeff is now a board member. To read the article in full, go here.

Here is the piece from the live-inking demonstration:



New Interviews…

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

A snapshot of my desk from a few months a ago, during the inking of RASL #14.

A couple more interviews have popped up on-line talking about the end of RASL, BONE, and all that good stuff we call comics.

Interview from PASTE MAGAZINE

Interview from LYTHERUS

Both these interviews discuss the ending of RASL, so Spoiler Alert if you haven’t finished it yet.

Inking the original BONE art in the SPECIAL EDITION BOXED SET

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

The 20th Anniversary Box Sets are arriving soon!

The Special Editions have an original drawing of Fone Bone reading a copy of Moby Dick attached to the inside lid of every box (in a translucent envelope). And we shot a video of one of them being inked.

If you’ve already ordered one, We’ll start sending them out as soon as we get back from San Diego Comic Con International. If you want to reserve a copy at the show, click here for more information.

Tomorrow: Watch Steve hand color our piece of original art!

Bone Volume 8: Treasure Hunters Preview!

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Here is a quick peek at a few of my favorite panels from Bone Volume 8. Jeff and I have not finalized the colors for this book yet, and I'm looking forward to getting through that process soon.



If you aren't familiar with how we color these books, I start by completing each book, and then Jeff and I go through each page and make adjustments. Sometimes we change tiny details that many people won't even notice, and sometimes we change nearly everything on a given set of pages. It's a difficult stage for me, because sometimes my brain has been hard-wired to see the colors I've chosen for a scene, so when we change them I freak out! Ha, ha. It's also the best part of the process, because Jeff and I discover some great color ideas, and I feel like the story clicks into place. I have a little break from having finished the first pass to working with Jeff on the final pages, so that helps with giving me some distance from the art. Jeff is never disappointed with my colors or anything like that, but there's still a little "artist pride" that stings when thinking about having to change stuff. Ultimately I love it, because it's one of those things that really pushes me in my creative life. This book is set for release this summer, and I will be starting on the last volume of Bone soon!

RASL #2 IN STORES TOMORROW; and a reminder that RASL is for mature readers.

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson


Great news! Diamond Comic Distributors has just confirmed that RASL# 2 will be in stores tomorrow, June 18, one week earlier than we thought. Thanks to Jog – The Blog for tipping me off.

Don’t forget that RASL is for mature readers. I’m actually printing that on the book this time because at the last few events I’ve attended (BONE & BEYOND at the Wexner Center, and Book Expo America) a lot of parents and librarians were picking up copies of RASL for their kids. I thought I’d done enough interviews over the last year to spread the word about the more grown-up noir aspects of this title, but maybe not.

Anyway, I’m glad #2 is here. It’s 32 pages of comics… and here is a preview of the first three pages to wet your appetite. You can click on the images to view them larger.