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BONE & RASL available as Digital Comics on Playstation PSP

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

BONE and RASL are now available on PlayStation, and the PSP comics home page this week features Bone!

Here is a little PR blurb about digital comics from their site:

“With Digital Comics and a PSP you can own some of the best comics ever written. Just choose your favorite characters, download and enjoy – and with AutoFlow, your eyes are guided across each page just as the artists intended.

With over 2000 new and classic titles to choose from, including over 30 free issues, you’ll never be short of an action-packed adventure.”

Click here for more information.

Real life Ted

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Just received this e-mail from Emily Morganti at Telltale Games (makers of the Bone on-line adventures ): 

Hi guys,
Jon Sgro and his son encountered a real life Ted the Bug over the weekend… thought you’d enjoy these pictures.

Yep, that's him! 

Bone Game nominated for IGF Award;games and signed books up for charity raffle

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Just received an e-mail from Emily Morganti at Telltale Games telling me The Great Cow Race game has been nominated for an Independent Game Festival Award.  Click here to read about it on the Telltale blog.

Also Telltale has donated a BONE: The Great Cow Race game to Joystiq Raffle  that benefits the Child's Play charity, and we are sending them signed copies of the first two Scholastic books – – hardcover copies with sketches in them. But you want to enter, you'll have to hurry! There's not much time left. Click on the highlighted Joystiq Raffle!

Telltale Games!

Blog entry by Jacob Robinson

Telltale is a group of talented game makers out in San Francisco, who left LucasArts and started up their own company dedicated to making adventure games.  These are not your typical shoot-em-up games, but games where you get to experience the world created by the game makers.  Their first game, BONE: Out From Boneville, debuted last year.  The new Bone game, The Great Cow Race, went live in March.  These games are a lot of fun and really cheap ($12 each).  While they are faithful to the comics, they have used some creative license as well, and the results are hilarious.  Telltale plans a new game for each of the nine volumes of Bone.  Here are some behind the scenes pics of the staff and the game.  Next week I’ll show you some finished shots from the new game.

This is Heather Logas and Dave Grossman, co-designers on The Great Cow Race.  

The group shot is Dave Grossman again (center), flanked by Dave Bogan (art director) on the left and Brendan Ferguson (another game designer) on the right, hard at work on an upcoming game.

The last shot is of one of Jon Sgro's Bone toys on top of a bunch of old LucasArts games.  

These are pieces of concept art for two of the scenes in The Great Cow Race, and a wire frame model of Phoney.

If you want to know more about Telltale or about the newest Bone games, visit Telltale The button to the left also takes you to the Telltales site (it doesn't automatically give you the game; if you want to buy the game, you have to go to the site and then hit download), so I encourage everyone to visit and look around.