12 thoughts on “BONE Issue One Page 24

  1. Bo Edwards

    Hello I’m Bo and I’m only 12, but I really like the Bone series and I actually like to draw myself. I’ve read all of them except for Tall Tales. I wanted to know if Mr. Smith was going to make another Bone series..Thank you.

  2. Seth

    Hey, I’m not sure if this will be read, but Jeff, THANK YOU for writing the Bone comics. They have been an inspiration to me and I fell in love with them immediately. I was heartbroken when I finished Crown of Horns, but, all good things must come to an end. Right? Wrong. I think, no, I KNOW that you should continue writing the Bone books. For example, you could do a story arc on The Big War with Gran’ma Ben, or you could do one on the battle with the dragons, and then you could do one with Fone Bone, Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone. I’m assuming they got back to Boneville, because in Tall Tales, Smiley has three unseen Bone’s with him. Maybe they all go to visit Thorn and Gran’ma, but the valley is DRENCHED WITH DESTRUCTION! I know, typical Hollywood sellout plotline, but you could make it work. Please write back if you see this, (or not)


  3. Andrew Laverdiere

    Hello Jeff.

    I immediately latched onto your Bone series back when it first came out at Casablanca Comics in Windham Maine back in the 1990′s. I gave up comics in general about half way through the run of Bone though, but I just had to thank you for some great adventures. The book was such a breath of fresh air after the big black and white indie comic collapse. Take care. Drew

  4. S

    Not making another bone series as far as I know, but he’s illustrated Bone books by another author. Look up Quest for the Spark.

  5. Noah

    These books have changed my view of graphic novels completely and have been a quite a magical experience to read them
    thank you so much Jeff we love you !


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