102 thoughts on “BONE Issue One Page 24

    1. Lucas Hilderman

      Just read the whole series again…twice! What an amazing series. From the first page of Out From Boneville to the last page of Crown of Horns, I just enjoy reading it so much. Thank you Jeff Smith for creating my favourite comic series, and for continuing to inspire kids and adults alike all I’ve the word.

  1. Bo Edwards

    Hello I’m Bo and I’m only 12, but I really like the Bone series and I actually like to draw myself. I’ve read all of them except for Tall Tales. I wanted to know if Mr. Smith was going to make another Bone series..Thank you.

        1. Dylan

          Well the new bone series is good too but I don’t know if thorn is going to be in quest for the spark book two and just one more thing Roderick is all grown up now isn’t that great and I hope Bartley comes back and fone bone phoney bone and smiley bone that whould be so great

  2. Seth

    Hey, I’m not sure if this will be read, but Jeff, THANK YOU for writing the Bone comics. They have been an inspiration to me and I fell in love with them immediately. I was heartbroken when I finished Crown of Horns, but, all good things must come to an end. Right? Wrong. I think, no, I KNOW that you should continue writing the Bone books. For example, you could do a story arc on The Big War with Gran’ma Ben, or you could do one on the battle with the dragons, and then you could do one with Fone Bone, Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone. I’m assuming they got back to Boneville, because in Tall Tales, Smiley has three unseen Bone’s with him. Maybe they all go to visit Thorn and Gran’ma, but the valley is DRENCHED WITH DESTRUCTION! I know, typical Hollywood sellout plotline, but you could make it work. Please write back if you see this, (or not)


      1. Theodore Truong

        Hi Jose,

        Are you certain that Jeff Smith is done with the series? I think he said that in one of the interviews. It would be great if you know the reason why he decided not to continue with Bone.

        1. Yasir Salih Khan

          hi he is actually correct. Jeff started writing from 1991 and he stopped writing bone 2004. i do not know the reason why.but he is still a author his previous book is how to make apple into alcohol.

  3. Andrew Laverdiere

    Hello Jeff.

    I immediately latched onto your Bone series back when it first came out at Casablanca Comics in Windham Maine back in the 1990′s. I gave up comics in general about half way through the run of Bone though, but I just had to thank you for some great adventures. The book was such a breath of fresh air after the big black and white indie comic collapse. Take care. Drew

  4. S

    Not making another bone series as far as I know, but he’s illustrated Bone books by another author. Look up Quest for the Spark.

  5. Noah

    These books have changed my view of graphic novels completely and have been a quite a magical experience to read them
    thank you so much Jeff we love you !

  6. Cole Stevens

    Hi Jeff! Bone is my favorite book in the whole world! I’ve read it at least ten times! I have started reading it for (I think) the eleventh time with my Mom, who has also enjoyed it. I enjoy writing and drawing, and made a super hero who has a red cape, and is named Milkcarton! (who is a milk carton, strangely.).
    I love the mixture of humor and adventure in a comic form. My favorite characters are probably Kingdok, Fone Bone, and Thorn. Kingdok is a great villain, who won’t let anyone push him around (even though he does get bossed by Briar). Fone Bone is very funny and courageous. Thorn is smart and tough! Your work has inspired me to make comics and stories. I also hope to meet you some day! I live in Roanoke, VA, and have been to a comic convention.
    Your fan,

  7. Carson

    the comic above is my favorite comic in the series because if it was not for winter fone bone never would have had to make a hut and babey sit the possum kids leading to him meeting thorn.

  8. scot

    jeff if you read this i would love to tell you that you are my favorite cartoonist. I could go on for DAYS about how much i love bone. thank you so much for writing such a great comic. i truly believe everyone should read bone.

    signed,your biggest fan,

  9. Gavi

    Every Saturday I sit down and read…. ALL of the BONE books again and again! I have a great collection (including the 9 BONE books, Rose, Tall Tales, Art of BONE, handbook, and Quest for Spark books) which keeps me occupied for hours and hours. If one of my friends come to my house I always ask if they have read BONE. If they say yes, I show them my collection of BONE. If they say know I make them read a few BONE books. The artwork and the story combined create the greatest story I have ever read. Thank you and PLEASE keep writing!

  10. Nate

    Hey Jeff Smith,

    I’ve always been a fan of your books. Ever since I was a kid, up until the last issue of Bone, I’ve enjoyed your work.

    But ever since 2008, I’ve been looking forward to the movie and wanted to know if it was put on hiatus like it was stopped with Nickelodeon. I’ve been looking forward to the movies, and hope Warner Bros is still working on it.


    1. Gavi

      I would be scared to watch a BONE movie. My fear would be that the movie would somehow ruin the book. Then my life is ruined.

  11. Pete

    Despite being a few weeks away from my medical boards I bought Bone to read to my nieces when I visited. Of course I ended up opening it up today and read the entire color collection front to back only getting up for water and bathroom breaks. I am struck by no matter how hard I am studying for for my boards any subject is child’s play in comparison to the wonderful and imaginative world you created with bone. That takes true creativity and a gift, not to mention the fact that the art was done by yourself. You have truly contributed a great work to the world–I loved it and I am sure my nieces will as well!

    P.S. Please somehow set up another ending or adventure where bone hooks up with Thorn it killed me seeing the lil guy never make it !

    1. Bright

      Since no one will put those two together in a published book, there should be more fanfiction with this pairing. There is a tragic lack of fanfiction for Bone.

  12. Gavi

    Can you make a series all about the valley? I was looking at the handbook for BONE and I’m still mystified about some things going on in the books. Or was I supposed to be mystified. Or am I just stupid…. (hope not). I love your books and I am hoping that BONE will live on for many generations after us!

  13. Roberto Balistrieri

    I have discovered Bone years back thanks to US friends – I remember that I bought the first copy of a Bone issue in Boston I believe in 2005 – on the edge of turning 50 yrs old I am about to read again all the color editions of Bone from Out of Boneville to the Crown of Horns…the passion for this Comic will burn in my soul until I will srop dead…I am not an avid Comics reader but I am not sure what bone did to me!

    I also started to read Bone to my 3 yrs old daughter (she is sometimes exposed to English language, but still too early for her to understand all what I am reading…) and she already asked me (in Italian) show me the “Principessa” (Princess Thorn) and “il Dragone” (The Red Dragon)!!!!!!!!

    Forever Bone…

  14. Megen

    I have loved these books for so long. Bone is what started my love for reading. I’m hoping my little brother will read these and love them as much as I have.

  15. hadassah

    dear Mr. Smith,
    I hope you read this. The bone books changed my life and I mean seriously I am 11 and I am an orphan. When I fist started reading the bone books (I was 9) it helped me get through many of tough spots I am so grateful to you and I really hope you read this. I love bone and I hope you keep writing.Once more thank you so much for writing

  16. nick

    I love bone! I read book 1 to 9 and tall tales! I own book 1 to 9 while I read tall tales at my local library also the bone hand book. jeff if your reading this which your probbeley not. ( sorry for the misspelling) make rat creature plush toys!

  17. Noah

    I luuuuv BoNe RASL and TÜKI!!! Bone is especially good because it has a reeeeeely good story line!
    You should make more bone books. I would reely like it if you made a BONE back to boneville. It would be soooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!
    Plz write it! Reply if you read this.

    From Noah Hinson. ADA OK

  18. Ian

    Hi Jeff,

    I love the Bone books, wait… everybody else said that… so…
    Anyways, I am a big fan of Bone but I had a question, could you release your Bone and Quest for the Spark books on iBooks? I really want to be able to read them on my iPad or iPhone. Thanks!

    Your fan,

  19. Sujata

    I have read all d books of bone atleast like 5 to 6 times….I love bone… I just wanna keep reading it… Its awesome!

  20. Alexander Macharaschwili

    These books are a true inspiration to comics!! Seriously I’ve read these books more then aillion times and I really really want a sequel!!!! Seriously the ending of the ninth book seriously made me cry!!!! A sequel would be amazing!!! Perhaps some of the valley people could go to boneville!!!!

  21. Annina

    I would be so happy to read the books again but im from germany and its nearly impossible to get them here. Hope that i will get the chance to read them!

  22. Ryan

    I’ve read the bone series 4 times. SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. jinnee

    I love Bone. In Russia was translated only one book! And we can buy another Bone only online, not in shop!

  24. Jando

    Forget making more Bone comics just make the movie, Warner bros is just teasing having bought the rights to the film a while ago. I know it will be received well as long as it’s true to the comics.

  25. Andy

    Thank goodness there’s a sequel ! I been waiting so long for it. Can’t wait to get a copy of BONE: Coda

  26. Red

    Been probably 10 years since I heard on this site that there was a Bone movie in development. Whatever happened? Well I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m about to sell my entire Bone collection on ebay which will include a first print of issue 1 if anyone is interested and also the rare flipbook. It will have every Bone issue every printed. Will be listed in the next week. I just don’t see Bone going anywhere from here on out and then seeing all that gay agenda stuff with the Bones waving Pride flags have really turned me off from anything Jeff Smith does anymore.

  27. Some Guy

    Did anyone else get a book hangover from this series. You know when you just can’t get over the fact it ended and you want more. Best series I’ve ever read

  28. Maryn

    PLEASE make more Bone books. Maybe like return of the Locust!, and Thorn and Fone Bone meet up again later on in life please please please please please please

  29. reach

    l like your books they pretty interesting and some violence but mostly good i read all your books already mostly the briar was actually roses sister was the enemy of the lord of the locust now he was a servant of the lord of the locust wow that cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Mr.HappyBone


  31. Iram Rodrigo Arzola

    Hey, Jeff Smith I really like your book and I strongly agree you should do a movie. Also you should make another book on the Bone Series i really like your tales too. Plz make another book on the Bone Series k your my first fan i like to read their books so it’s important that you know this because i don’t like to read so it’s amazing that i like your books. Thanks for being my hero.

  32. Andy Bone

    I hope If there IS a Bone Movie, It be sorted out in 3 movies each movie the 3 books. Like The First Movie Will Be Out From Boneville, The great Cow race And Eyes Of Storm. You know what I mean?

  33. Andy Bone

    In Bone: Tall Tales, The First Tall Tale: Powers That Be, I think it is what was going on The Fone And Phoney Bone In The Last Chapter Of The Great Cow Race Because Smiley Was Working On The Roof. And Also In The same Book, Tall Tale Number 3 Fone AND Phoney Is Present.. So Fone And Phoney Where Alive When Big Johnson Bone was Also Alive?!?!?! And If The Cousins Were chased “Out of Boneville”, The Event may Happened YEARS after Big Johnson Bone Founded Boneville. WHEW! okay… I Sould Stop.


    Jeff you are God of comic and drawing books. I never read a entire book cover to cover but Bone. I need more bone, I also think Phoncible P Bone is a genius even if some of his deals went up in smoke. He never stops trying and is so life-like. He really has a good soul he just doesn’t like to show, but just look at how much he loves his cousins deep down. In real life I often stop and ask myself what would Phoncible do? Phoncible is my hero and life model.
    Thanks Brad


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