5 thoughts on “Tüki Season One Cover

  1. Pete P or my A.K.A. "P-Squared"

    Magnificent 1st issue! I loved the Tuki’s interaction with Habilus, the simple potion so they could communicate was great and Habilus’s facial expression was cool when he was said Tuki must be stopped! Please keep up the awesome work! Thanks for the 8 page preview of issue 2 on the site!

    My two teenage boys loved your Bone series when they were in elementary school, even my 15 year old read it when he was in 6th grade, it was the only thing I think he ever liked and all he does is say how he “Hates School!” RASL was a bit more complex for them but I loved it, my 13 year old started it, but got distracted by the summer, I will try again during the school year, he loves science, so he should get into it.! My 2nd grade daughter needs at least another year of life before she will get the satire of Bone, no doubt she could read it today, but I want her to love it too!

    Hopefully Tuki can have a long run!

    Also, please someday have a meet and greet with your local fans, maybe at the Laughing Ogre? or the Public Library!

  2. Scott Roberts

    This looks really good, I have to start reading it. I’m kind of out of the loop these days, so this is the first I’ve heard about it.
    How should the name be pronounced- given that there was no writing in ancient times? Is the ü like the German vowel, somewhat between ‘ee’ and ‘oo’? Or is the umlaut arbitrary, like Mötley Crüe?

    Sure wish I could have done a page for the BONE tribute edition, but I kinda feel like I’ve been out of the scene so long I’ve been forgotten by all but Spongebob and gocomics.com readers.


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