10 thoughts on “Tüki Season Two Page Nine

  1. Grant Henry

    I just caught up. I am a very big fan of your work, Mr. Smith, it’s very exciting to be able to follow a comic of yours on a page-by-page basis like this. I’m enjoying what’s going on so far, and it’s interesting to see ways that you are easing the process of creating and publishing pages so quickly, such as basic panel layouts set up to be used multiple times. Forgive me, but if you are reading this and are able to reply, or anyone else, what is the estimated basis of releases these pages have? Once a week? biweekly? monthly?

  2. Christian Andreu

    It’s one of teh best comics I’ve read. I can’t wait to be told when to buy the comic and next ones ! Intrigue it’s totally captivating. Cheers to the author.

  3. Jeff

    Hey all, Yes it’s been awhile since a new TUKI page went up! We have a few in the can, but a crazy convention schedule (that doesn’t let up for another two months) has slowed us down a little. However, once we (the Cartoon Books staff) can get back to the studio we’ll start posting again. Probably one a week just to give us a little breathing room to begin with, but then getting back to Mondays & Fridays as quickly as we can.
    Also, during this touring season, we debuted the comic book print version of TUKI #1, and the response from folks at the shows, as well as the reviews I’ve read have been very encouraging! So thanks for everything, including your patience, everyone! There’s more TUKI on the way!

  4. Jeff

    BTW, If anyone is interested in seeing what we’ve been doing on the road for the past month, hit the FaceBook “f” at the top of the page and you can go to the Official Jeff Smith Page. Check out the life-sized Rasl figure at our booth at Comic-con in San Diego, and one of the best Thorn, Fone Bone, & Stick-eater cos-players ever!


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