Good-bye Columbus

This morning I leave for Europe to start the World Tour. It will be a full day of traveling, and to see me off proper, Vijaya made this incredibly colorful breakfast.

Vijaya and I go every Saturday to the Farmer’s Market and pick up vegetables from our farm share. Farm eggs and veggies has become a pleasant ritual for us. Vijaya washes the vegatables and I chop them. It's surprising how much I will miss such a simple thing.


After breakfast, Preston and I head out for a walk before leaving for the airport. When I came up with the idea of a simultaneous release of color BONE across Europe, I didn’t think about leaving my dog for five long weeks. We take the slow way, and enjoy our walk.

Next, a quick flight to New York; a switch of planes at JFK and I'm finally off to Germany. Tomorrow, I’ll be in Frankfurt at the largest Book Fair on earth…