India: Mumbai

Posted by Tom

Jeff and V sure have been busy. These pics were in my inbox this morning. ENJOY!

Jeff writes:

We arrived in Mumbai the day before yesterday (the giant city that used to be called Bombay, home of Bollywood, the world’s largest film capital), and have been visiting family & friends. Also spent a lot of time in the hotel cafe – – gave a dozen interviews including some of India’s biggest papers like Times of India, The Hindu, Time Out Mumbai, DNA Daily News, and Rolling Stone India. 

Last night I had a book signing downtown @ Crossword Bookstore, at Kemps Corner, Mumbai 7:00pm. Good turn out.


Today I am giving a lecture at the Whistling Woods Film Institute.

First I was given a tour of the animation dept. Very nice. State of the art.

Part of my talk covers comics influences like this Krazy Kat Sunday page by Geo. Herriman.

Afterward, the students came up and asked questions and passed around the books.

It was great fun!