INDIA: Snacks in Mumbai

Posted by Tom

Just received these pics this morning. I hope they bring some of these snacks back for us!

Jeff writes:

I found it! The food of the trip!

While shopping in Mumbai I found the perfect snack: Panipuri.

Indians have a name for fast, fresh casual food you can pick up from a street stand; they call it "chaat." This is a panipuri stand. 

I’ve had panipuris during lunch, and late at night after a couple of beers. I’m hooked.

The puris are light, crispy, deep fried pastries. And pani means water; very spicy water! 

A small hole is popped in the crispy top and filled with a mixture of water, spices, and chick peas.
The whole thing goes in your mouth and when you bite down there is a literal explosion of crunchy, sweet & spicy flavors!

The vendor keeps cranking them out as long as you stand there. I ate about eight of them and I could have kept going. We need some of these carts in New York City!