Quest 3 & BONE One Volume Cover print added to the Boneville Store!

Hi everybody!

BONE: Quest for the Spark Book 3 (the final chapter in the series) has been added to the store along with a great new BONE print! As long as we’re talking about the store, I wanted to let you know about these changes…

There are now three (3) sections that make up the store:

1: Bone books

2: RASL books

3: Other Cartoon Books stuff.

QUEST book 3

KIRKUS REVIEWS: The lovably motley questing crew returns for their final stand against the looming powers of the Nacht. Young turnip farmer cum-hero Tom Elm has finally reached the arduous apex of his journey: The scattered pieces of the Spark are quickly coming together, as are all of the beings needed to complete his epic quest. A charmingly quirky assortment of dragons, animals, a warrior, Bones and a shape-shifting forest spirit must work together to save the fate of their world. They must keep the horrible dragon named the Nacht from taking over the realm and shrouding all they know in permanent, nightmarish blackness. This is no simple feat, and they must battle truly frightening foes on their way to the final showdown: a colony of possessed, bloodthirsty giant bats that have enslaved most of a human tribe. This final volume does not disappoint, twisting and turning rapidly to a wholly satisfying although quickly resolved conclusion. The Bone universe has smoothly spread out from a serialized graphic-novel epic to a thrill-ride prose trilogy, an accomplishment not often seen nor executed so well. Fear not, fans: A new Bone adventure is not-so-subtly hinted at as this installment draws to a close.
Thrills, chills, twists and turns, this series ender offers it all.


The image of Fone Bone sitting on the rock at Old Man’s Cave is a favorite for many people. We’ve turned it into a 13×19 print on radiant white watercolor paper. They are each hand signed by Jeff (which, as always, includes Ted the bug!).

bone print rock