Boneville Contest

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Cartoon Books is looking for the biggest Jeff Smith fan!  How many answers can you correctly guess? Winner will be selected at random to win a 2014 Con Swag Bag!  OOOH! AHHH!

A. Contents of Swag Bag:

Swag by Jeff Smith: Signed copies of Rasl Hardcover, Bone One Volume Edition Softcover, Tuki#1 Exclusive Convention Cover and the highly collectible and extremely limited Con Exclusive Rocket Raccoon#1!  Wait-there’s more! Souvenir books, Entertainment Weekly Convention Edition, Jumbo Con Bags, Sharknado gear, buttons, assorted tchotchkes and more!

B. Email your answers to the questions below: with the subject heading: SWAG BAG.

Don’t forget to include your full name and mailing address (including your zipcode/country) along with your entry!  

C. Answer these questions correctly

1) What is Ted? Yes, yes we know. But what kind?

2) What is Smiley’s favorite food?

3) Why were the Cousins run out of Boneville and how long were they gone?

4) What famous folk musician is referenced in RASL?

5) What does RASL stand for?



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