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Publishers Weekly Reviews Smiley’s
Dream Book!

Smith. Graphix, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-545-67477-5

one of the three cousins from Smith’s comic saga Bone rescues
a colorful flock of birds in this vividly drawn tale. Enjoying a stroll through
the woods, Smiley hears songbirds singing and begins to count them. One purple
bird sports a handsome top hat, the second is orange, the next three are
yellow. He stops counting after a dozen and finds himself rising up in the air,
able to soar joyously with the whole flock. When a hawk threatens, talons out,
Smiley pulls up in front of it, sending it scuttling and winning the affection
of the songbird crew. As so often happens, it’s all a dream. “Sometimes dreams
are scary,” Smiley says, “but the good ones make it worth it!” It’s a simple
story, but it has memorable elements: Smiley’s ability to fly, to become close
to wild animals, to be the hero. Smith’s line is masterfully controlled, and
each of Smiley’s emotions—interest, dismay, elation—will be clear even to the
youngest viewers. The generous trim size further shows off the spreads, which
have the appeal of classic Sunday funnies. Ages 3–5. (July)

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