CXC Expo Applications Open March 12!

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Friday, March 12, Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) will open exhibitor applications for its 2021 festival, which will take place September 30-October 4, 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s expo will be an online showcase with programming track that will air primarily on a CXC Discord channel and potentially other CXC streaming platforms. CXC will not charge a tabling fee for the expo.

Exhibiting at CXC 2021 allows our artists to showcase their work to CXC’s online audience through a variety of digital channels. Our most successful exhibitors during last year’s online show were those who engaged with our audience through a dedicated CXC Discord server and used the opportunity to show off their work through short programming (less than 30 minutes long) that consisted of broadcast drawing sessions, Q&As, or similar programming that showed off their art and personality.

Those accepted as CXC exhibitors will work with CXC to provide programming that will air on Discord and other channels during the weekend of the show. CXC will provide training and support on using Discord and will also provide online support available throughout the weekend of the show. Additionally, CXC may also request that exhibitors participate in additional panels or programs during the show weekend. These programs may be scheduled in advance, and participation is optional. Honoraria will be paid to all exhibitors participating in programming, whether it is a panel, presentation, or Discord event.

CXC is also researching a more user-friendly multi-vendor marketplace for exhibitors to utilize the weekend of the show. This marketplace will be free to use for exhibitors, and exhibitors will have the ability to choose which books/products they wish to sell on the marketplace. Please note that CXC is still researching whether this marketplace is compatible with our website. Should we decide that the marketplace option is not viable, we will inform the exhibitors in advance.

As with prior years, CXC’s exhibitors will be chosen via a juried selection process. We will notify those selected via email, and have a waiting list for those not selected.

Applications will open Friday, March 12. You can visit our blog to get the link to apply!


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