How Does New Version of TUKI Differ From Previous Version?

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Quite a few fans have been asking how this new version of TUKI differs from the previous comics. Jeff explains:

“The webcomic version of TUKI, later reprinted in four comic book issues, was set aside for various reasons. For one I was busy co-founding the comics festival CXC with Vijaya, Lucy Shelton Caswell and Tom Spurgeon. But mostly I felt TUKI needed to be reworked to flow better. I was trying at the time to replicate the feeling of classic Sunday pages like Flash Gordon or Prince Valiant, and while it seemed to work on the web, when collected, the one-page-a-week format had a start and stop feeling that didn’t allow the story to come to life in way that satisfied me. Also, when the children showed up in the strip, I realized this is a story about family, and I needed to start over from the beginning. Which I did! This is essentially a new piece of work.”

There you have it! TUKI Kickstarter launches on May 4th, and you can get in line on the prelaunch page here!

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