Another Stretch Goal Met! Bonus Material Unlocked!

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Thank you once again! Yesterday we smashed the $160,000 level and the 16 page BONUS Behind-the-Scenes/Process section in both books is UNLEASHED! I’m a fan of stuff like this, so I look forward to sharing what it was like bringing TUKI to fruition. A tale two million years in the making!

I also want to say how grateful and frankly overwhelmed we are by the messages of happiness and support. Thank you!

Here are two campaigns I am supporting right now and you should definitely look at:

KOKOU – The World’s First BONZO Graphic Novel! This looks very interesting! A lone African warrior battling ancient Gods and demons in the ancient world! That’s right up my alley! Only 6 days left! Hurry! The art is amazing!

Eric Powell & Harold Schechter’s Ed Gein Graphic Novel
DID YOU HEAR WHAT EDDIE GEIN DONE?” Signed Special Edition! Eric Powell is one the best comics makers out there! His art is super meaty! And him doing the true-crime story that inspired Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Sign me up!

@kickstarter  @jeffsmithsbone @cartoonbooksinc

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