Kickstarter TUKI Updates!

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At this point everyone should have their digital copies of
TUKI: Fight for Fire, and many of you already have soft covers of the regular edition.

Well, now we have a couple of updates!

UPDATE 1: After many production delays, all versions of book one, TUKI: Fight for Fire, soft & hard covers of both the regular and special edition covers are in our warehouse! We are packing those up for shipping!

UPDATE 2: Jeff says book 2 will be ready to ship in February 2022*. This is a few months later than we thought, so we are going to switch things up. We are going to ship all Kickstarter orders for book one in October. All backers will receive their TUKI book one graphic novels before they ship to the mass market in early December. All add-ons and stretch goals will still ship with book 2.

Please make any necessary address changes to the backerkit survey asap. 
*Jeff will post a video update next week to share the work in progress

Thanks for your support and patience!

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