TUKI Fight for Fire

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Just about everyone who backed our first Kickstarter should have received their copy of Book One. We hope you are enjoying Jeff’s new series! Let us know what you think! A few mentions via Goodreads (all 5 star reviews):

“Anything Jeff Smith creates is worth notice … this first installment in a graphic novel series about early people shows his depth as storyteller … I also greatly appreciated the ending section, where he pulls back the veil on the story’s origin and how he worked and reworked ideas for years …. Note: I donated to his Kickstarter for this book.”
-Kevin H.

“Jeff Smith is a master. The delicate lines in his art, the whimsy and adventure in the storytelling, and the very concept of different branches of human ancestry interacting… it’s sublime. You can’t be a fan of comics and not enjoy this.”

“I found it fascinating by what the author did with researching paleo-anthropology. A very interesting and very well illustrated book.”
-Lori F.


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