LIVE! Indiegogo and Kickstarter! TUKI Book Two – Fight for Family

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Cartoon Books is proud to bring you TUKI: Fight for Family! The 2nd graphic novel in the first arc of the TUKI saga. Be one of the first to get yours through our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns! The Kickstarter is a refresher for those who may have missed the first campaign, while the Indiegogo is a new effort to reach a wider audience!

Visit Kickstarter here

Visit Indiegogo here

Both are live TODAY February 2nd!

“If Smith’s iconic BONE weren’t proof enough, TUKI resoundingly restates his status as a master cartoonist of our era…New readers will love it, and fans of BONE will delight in Smith’s return to fantasy adventure with an ensemble of idiosyncratic characters.”

“Fans of classic adventure will not be disappointed… Smith (BONE) goes prehistoric in this fabulously drawn anthropological fantasy.… the characters and scenery remain consistently stunning to gaze at, page after page.”

“A Masterclass in storytelling!”

At the dawn of humanity, when multiple species of humans existed at the same time, three lost children and two missing links fall in with a mysterious traveler named Tuki who carries with him the secret of Fire.  A rival species, who hunt and kill anyone found using fire, gets word of the small band of misfits, and the new companions find themselves under attack! TUKI: Fight for Family!  

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