TUKI Fight for Family – 5/5 Stars!

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Thank you to Rick from Goodreads for posting this nice review of the second volume of TUKI (Fight for Family):

“Jeff Smith is a master-storyteller. Not question. But I’ve got to be honest here: I was a little disappointed with the ending of this volume. I thought this was goin to wrap up the storyline. I was wrong. As Smith says in his “afterword” this is the end of Act One of a projected 6 volume series. As this is the second book, does that mean there are likely to be 4 more books, or does he me this of books make up the first of 6 volumes and there will be 5 more? You know what? It doesn’t matter. I see several more Tuki by Jeff Smith Kickstarter campaigns in my future. Brilliant characterizations. Wonderful story. A fantastic tale from the dawn of humankind.”

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