TUKI Fight for Family – 5/5 Stars!

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Thank you to Jake from Goodreads for posting this nice review of the second volume of TUKI (Fight for Family):

“Just as good as the last volume by changing direction to focus on the development of the supporting cast. They’re all misfits brought together by a need for contact. The three Ran orphans could really use somebody to support them after the ape-like Habiline killed off their tribe. As for the old Habiline, it’s understandable that he’s looking for purpose now that the old magic forces are being replaced by a new one. Something tells me Tuki’s initial direction to leave Africa is going to play a big part in the next chapter of this saga, and this Habiline wants to be a part of it. I really wonder what’s going through Kwarel’s head since he was kicked out of his tribe and still wants contact with others.

Not to mention I love Jeff’s artwork. Not only for scenic atmosphere but for putting actions and anticipation in the art. I could feel the suspense in some scenes taking place without the presence of something ready to pounce. Some comics could really learn from this series.”

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