For Immediate Release – TUKI: Fight for Family

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For Immediate Release
Jeff Smith’s Dawn of Man Saga Continues With TUKI Book Two

Columbus, OH – August 3, 2022:  Just months after the release of the critically acclaimed TUKI: Fight for Fire, Jeff Smith’s TUKI Book Two: Fight for Family hits store shelves.

Set two million years ago, when multiple species of hominids existed at the same time, this hand-drawn story follows the misadventures of a small band of early humans who controlled fire in an epoch when gods and giants were real, and Fire was taboo.

What folks are saying about Jeff Smith’s TUKI:
“If Smith’s iconic BONE weren’t proof enough, TUKI resoundingly restates his status as a master cartoonist of our era…New readers will love it, and fans of BONE will delight in Smith’s return to fantasy adventure with an ensemble of idiosyncratic characters.”

“Fans of classic adventure will not be disappointed… Smith (BONE) goes prehistoric in this fabulously drawn anthropological fantasy.… the characters and scenery remain consistently stunning to gaze at, page after page.” 

“A Masterclass in storytelling!”

About TUKI: Like Smith’s graphic novels BONE and RASL before it, TUKI is a mix of the author’s personal passions, including lost realms, pulp fiction and human evolution. Fight for Family is the second in a planned series of six graphic novels.

About Jeff Smith: Jeff Smith is the writer & artist of comics and graphic novels like BONE, RASL, SHAZAM: The Monster Society of Evil, ROSE and Tall Tales. Both BONE and RASL were self-published and are New York Times Bestsellers. BONE launched the current YA Graphic Novel explosion and has won 41 national and international awards including 10 Eisner Awards and 11 Harvey Awards and has been translated into over 30 foreign languages. RASL won an Eisner for Best Graphic Novel. The short lived webcomic version of TUKI won the National Cartoonists Award for Best Online Comic in 2014.

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