Shi: Senryaku Omnibus Kickstarter is LIVE!

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Dear Backer,
Our friends Billy and Deborah Tucci have just launched their latest Kickstarter, the Shi: Senryaku Omnibus! The Eisner-award nominated
Shi: Senryaku features the Art of War’s Thirty-Six Stratagems gloriously interpreted by legendary comic artists detailing the life lessons of a young Ana Ishikawa (aka, Shi) as taught to her by her grandfather.
As you may be aware Jeff contributed to it (see below), alongside many comic book greats like Frank Frazetta, Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Stan Sakai and George Perez. The 240-page HC will also feature both Jeff’s original b/w illustration and the final color. Here’s the link and we hope you’ll give it a look:

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