THORN: 4/5 Stars on Goodreads!

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Thank you, Steve for your lovely review on Goodreads for THORN:

“I really enjoyed Smith’s Bone saga and seeing the early strips was a fascinating look at the inspirations for the epic story told in his later work. It was great to see the creation of his ideas and the evolution of his work in Thorn over its years in the newspaper of Ohio State. The introduction, explanatory text and Q&A with Smith was a wonderful look into his creative process and the life of a daily cartoonist in a college newspaper. I also really liked the “historic” drawings included, going all the way back to a drawing done when Smith was 2 1/2 years old! Finally the side by side presentation of the panels from the Bone Saga with the panels from Thorn that inspired them showed in great detail the differences between the early and later work in a unique way. I received a free digital ARC of this book from the publisher, Smith’s own Cartoon Books.”

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